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Class of Precaution by Mayor Huang Has Started! The Doodle Billboard of the White Bear in the Sleepi

  • PostDate:2020-04-08

April 6, 2020

Tourism and Information Department


        Facing the grim challenge of COVID-19, Chiayi City Government now works harder on the precautions by publicizing measures such as social distancing and wearing masks. The marketing creativities and urban aesthetics were applied to the doodle billboard of “The Pandemic Precaution with Mayor Min-hui Huang and the Animals in the Sleeping Forest” above the Vision Stadium of Chiayi City to raise the awareness of the citizens.

        The doodle billboard was designed by a local designer SMART (Xin-tang Zhuang). Mayor Huang as the teacher, the Big White Bear, Penguin, Leopard Cat, Pink Elephant, and White Bear Sister in the Sleeping Forest in a classroom provide some effective measures such as washing hands frequently, hand greets, avoiding crowded public areas, and wearing masks.

        To enhance the precautionary measures, Mayor Huang filmed a video again to promote the importance of wearing masks. “As the pandemic is unpredictable, we have to work harder on the precaution to prevent local transmission,” said Mayor Huang. “Besides the precautions, we also need the cooperation of the citizens. Wear masks while going outside, order takeaway as less as possible, and make sure to wear masks if you work in catering. Remember that to protect oneself is also to protect others.”