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Stay-at-Home Business during the Pandemic! Stay at Home with the Companies of Chiayi City Local Stor

  • PostDate:2020-04-10

April 8, 2020

Economic Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The COVID-19 has change the way we live, and most of us avoid going out for social distancing, which leads up to the business for those who stay at home. During the pandemic, Mayor Min-Hui still tries hard promoting local restaurants and stores.

        With the heavy schedule during the pandemic, Mayor Huang could only realize how hungry she was after the meeting. She then took out the snacks of Chiayi City to fill her stomach, such as jerkies, eggrolls, cakes, dried fruits, ice, and bread. The snacks were all from the winners of “Good Stores in Chiayi City 2018”.

        According to Mayor Huang, many tend to go online shopping at home instead of going out during the pandemic, so that many e-commerce platforms have helped local stores build the channels. There are plenty of local food shops with their own stories in Chiayi City, said Mayor Huang. They strive to make tasty food and to release new products for people to try, and the unforgettable tastes keep lingering in people’s hearts. People can purchase snacks or simple pre-cooked food such as rice dumplings, steamed buns and noodles and stock them at home. It takes only 5 minutes for a decent meal.

        Mayor Huang also reminds people to wash hands before eating, to be careful about food hygiene, and to wear masks. All the businesses must follow the precautionary measures to protect everyone.

        The commercial development has to be valued as well during the pandemic. Chiayi City Government has invited over 40 local businesses to promote Chiayi local products of good quality through the digit and creativities. They include Chiayi Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee, Chiayi City Special Local Business Association, Chiayi City Shopping Areas Promotion Association, as well as Beautimode Corporation and OUOrange which are in charge of the “iYO Chiayi” project, and so on.

        With the “Stay-at-home” business, you can fill the stomach by scrolling your phones. Please go to “iYO Chiayi” ( to look for the stores you like for online shopping.


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