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The Debut of Chiayi City Electric Buses! With Elegant Looks, They Will Hit the Road on Zhongshan Mai

  • PostDate:2020-04-14

April 10, 2020

Transportation Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Seeing electric buses running on the streets of Chiayi City isn’t a dream anymore. In response to the policy “Electric Buses by 2030” of the Central Government, the 22 electric buses of Chiayi City will be gradually hitting the road. The first ones will be on Zhongshan Main Route in June, and more will be on Zhongxiao-Xinmin Main Route and Guanglinwojia Route by the end of this year. The exterior of the bus debuted today. The British retro look of the bus with four different colors looked decent with “Chiayi” marked on it.        Mayor Min-hui Huang also shared the news and unboxed the electric bus on her Facebook page.

        Huang was quite amazed by the buses with four different colors and revealed the buses were the most fabulous ones she had ever seen in Taiwan. She appreciates the cooperation of Kuo-Kuang Bus and the related companies to authorize the bus design to Chiayi City Government. The style is rather elegant and unique, which will be drawing the attention while running in this city. As part of the city’s aesthetics, these four buses are like mobile pieces of art and will give a push to the success of Taiwan Design Expo 2021.

        Huang is also grateful for the design of the local designer, SMART. She found the stellar bus exterior vivid and elegant. Huang hopes each unit gets fully prepared for the electric buses which are about to hit the road and practices the precautionary measures for the COVID -19. In order to build a complete green public transportation system, the adoption of electric buses brooks no delay.

        There are 12 medium size and 10 large size electric buses, and three routes which include Zhongshan Main Route, Zhongxiao-Xinmin Main Route, and Guanglinwojia Route. Mayor Huang and her executive team checked the progress today, and three of the large size buses were being transported to Chiayi City. The routes are distinguished by the three colors of traffic light. Green is applied to Zhongshan Main Route, Red to Zhongxiao-Xinmin Main Route, and Yellow to Guanglinwojia Route. Blue is the color of motor vehicles. With high standard, attention was paid on the details of the construction to ensure the quality.

        According to Transportation Department, Kuo-Kuang Bus has promised no advertisement will be upon the buses. The implement of electric bus would not only demonstrate the hard power, but practice the policy “Electric Buses by 2030” of the Central Government.

        The release conference of Zhongshan Main Route (Green Route) is planned to take place late in May, and the bus will hit the road in June. The buses of Zhongxiao-Xinmin Main Route and Guanglinwojia Route will hit the road next year due to the delay of material importation and of central approval of bus purchase resulted from the pandemic. According to Transportation Department, the low-floor design is applied to all the electric buses for people with disabilities, and devices for air purification and disinfection are installed on the bus because of the pandemic.

        The electric buses with different colors will be running tests on the road, so you may get a chance to catch a sight of them. Transportation Department also reminds people to follow the instructions of Central Epidemic Command Center and to wear masks while taking the electric bus.