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Chiayi Offers 600 Dollars for You during the Pandemic! Chiayi Shopping Festival Is Taking the Lead t

  • PostDate:2020-04-20

April 15, 2020

Economic Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        As COVID-19 keeps swiping the world, tourism, the hotel industry and other industries are therefore deeply affected. People are in a low mood resulted from the concerns on the pandemic. With relatively lower rate of confirmed cases in Chiayi City, Mayor Min-hui Huang organized the “Chiayi Shopping Festival 2020”. People will be able to experience the food, the culture and the hospitality of Chiayi from June to August with hundreds of local stores marketing online and in general way.

        In response to the “Coupon Program” by the Central Government, Mayor Huang encourages people to stay in the designated hotels for the 600 dollar coupon of Chiayi during the shopping festival with the slogan “66 steps toward Chiayi”. At least 1200 dollars would be granted to each individual along with the coupon program released by the central government. Prizes including the Toyota car might belong to you by logging the official LINE account of the shopping festival with the serial number on the coupon of Chiayi.

        Chiayi City Government has held two meetings for the shopping festival attended by local business firms and related associations to work on reviving the economy and the coupon of Chiayi. Besides the hotels which will grant 600 dollars a night to each individual, commercial hotels and hostels will provide souvenirs for those who stay overnight.

        The festival runs from the 21st of June, the day another annular eclipse will happen after 70 years. The shopping festival will immediately follow the astronomical event, which is perfect for the astronomy enthusiasts to visit. Running across the summer, the festival will end on the 31st of August, which is followed by the religious events held by Chenghuang Temple in the 7th lunar calendar.

        The connection for the festival has been activated. Stay tuned on the Facebook page of “Chiayi Shopping Festival 2020” to witness the beauty of Chiayi ( To know more about Chiayi, please check “iYO Chiayi” out ( Stores or business firms which intend to join the connection of designation, please call (02)2711-2320 ext. 110 to the project team of “Chiayi Shopping Festival 2020”.