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Public and Transparent Information, Requirement for Catering Workers to Wear Masks, Chiayi City Also

  • PostDate:2020-04-27

April 21, 2020

Public Health Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        During the city affairs meeting today, Chiayi City Government has announced that catering workers in the city are required to wear masks and consulted by the Public Health Bureau. Mayor Min-hui Huang encourages people to participate in the “No Mask, No Shopping” campaign. She also emphasizes that the pandemic investigations are public and transparent to remind people avoiding spreading unverified information, which would interfere the implementation and cause the panic. Everyone is responsible for the pandemic prevention to protect the city and themselves.

        Mayor Huang has released more precautionary measures. Chiayi City has the secondly highest popularity density, and service industry accounts for more than 90% of the economy. Some well-known stores in Chiayi City started the “No Mask, No Selling” campaign, and now the City Government urges people to take part in the “No Mask, No Shopping”. The City Government has officially required the catering workers to wear masks for both of precaution and industrial development.

        Mayor Huang has promised to practice the precautions with the highest standard after the confirmed cases of Ship Panshi navies. Public Health Bureau initiated the investigation right after receiving the news, the places where the cases had been were also under disinfection and the stores were closed. Fake information which caused the panic began spreading on the Internet, but the Police Bureau also started the investigation immediately. The information of the City Government is public and transparent, so that everyone can check the traveling history of the cases. Thanks to the cooperation of the business runners, the citizens and costumers are reassured.

        According to Yao-Mao Zhang, the Director-general of Public Health Bureau, a large number of catering workers wear masks. He hopes those who didn’t wear masks won’t be the flaw for the precaution. Furthermore, not only can wearing masks prevent people from being infected, but it’s also the criterion of self-quarantine or self-isolation for the workers. The “No Mask, No Shopping” policy first applies to restaurants, drink shops, food stores, bakeries, supermarkets, retailers, and traditional markets. Those who don’t wear masks or violate the regulation will receive a warning at first; the second time those who violate will be punished according to the Article 36 of Communicable Disease Control Act, will be fined 3 thousand to 15 thousand New Taiwan Dollars according to the Article 70.

        The disinfection and the pandemic investigation of the navy confirmed cases have been completed, Zhang added. Releasing the traveling history of the cases is to reduce the risks. The closed businesses will be educated to fully cooperate the precautions.

        We can’t get to relax because more challenges are still waiting for us. The City Government wants to raise awareness of personal precaution which includes washing hands, wearing masks in the public, social distancing, take-out meals. Make sure to practice them to protect yourself.