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The Tech Team of Lan Tan Junior High School Won the First 3 Places for Robot Groups of the National

  • PostDate:2020-04-27

April 22, 2020

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Another good piece of news has come out after the “Beast of Machine” designed by Lan Tan Junior High School, also known as the “Howl’s Moving Castle”, which gained the attention. The tech team of Lan Tan Junior High School led by Yuan-zhang Yang the instructor participated in the PowerTech National Teen Tech Competition 2019. The won the champion and took two 2nd places from 107 groups which included 7 groups from Russia. Chiayi City Mayor Min-hui Huang this morning gave praise to the school and presented electric screwdrivers with li-ion battery to the students. The tech team also designed the special masks and garbage cans for precautions due to the corona pandemic. Huang was amazed by the ideas after tried them in person today.

        Huang stated that she felt proud of the education of Chiayi City after seeing the papercraft flower “Amazement Chiayi”, which was presented by Lan Tan Junior High School to Huang in return. There are many educators dedicating to guiding the children. The team spirit is that the members explore out of curiosity first to brainstorm ideas with each other in the process. She truly hopes that one day Chiayi City will have its own thumbs up brand which draws the attention from the world and release machines for the sustainable development.

        Thanks to the selfless dedications made by Yuan-zhang Yang the instructor to the training sessions on weekends, the tech team had such an outstanding performance. The City Government along with the school and the parent committee will support the teachers. With the experience of Science 168 and international science competitions, Lan Tan Junior High School won the 1st place and the 2nd places from the PowerTech National Teen Tech Competition last year. Winning it requires not only knowledge of physics, mechanics and chemistry, but also practical skills and innovative ideas.

        Today is the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day, and yet the virus is still spreading to the world. Huang wants everyone remembers the fundaments and to face everything by being humble. As long as one is willing to learn, Science 168 always provides the chance and helps to develop creativities and imaginaries. The cause of education is to guide and get them to return the helps to the society.

        The 3 challenges for the competition were simulated today. They made the 3 robots made within 3 hours during the real competition complete a relay race. The selected robots had a speed race and a tug of war. The works of the tech team were also displayed today, which included precautionary masks, precautionary garbage cans, ball launchers, and the “Beast of Machine”. It’s an accomplishment to apply ideas to the daily life. Huang also showed the steps of making the precautionary masks and tried the “Beast of Machine”.

        Yan-xiu Huang and Wei-dian Huang, the 3rd grades of the tech team, introduced and demonstrated how to operate the robots today. They also shared their journeys in the tech team and were quite confident on stage. They hope they’ll be able to help the newcomers and the 2nd grades in the team.

        According to Principal Yu-ting Zhuang, participants of the PowerTech Competition have to build up works within a day and send them to the evaluation. Therefore, they have to discover and solve the problems all by themselves during the competition. Teamwork is also the essential part of the competition. Learning is not only from books but from practical experience, which is the main cause of the New Curriculum and of the Science Education Program of Chiayi City.