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A Forest on a Bus? You Can Only See It on the New Electric Bus of Chiayi City

  • PostDate:2020-04-29

April 26, 2020

Transportation Department


        Chiayi City Government will be releasing low-floor electric buses in June, and the interior and the exterior are designed by SMART. The unique and classic British-style exterior amazed the public, and now the interior with adorable elements is rather innovative. The interior is covered with patterns with cute animals as if it were the forest. The scene is only available in the new electric buses of Chiayi City.

        According to Chiayi City Government, there will be three routes for the new buses, which includes Zhongshan Main Route, Zhongxiao-Xinmin Main Route, and Guanglinwojia Route. There will be buses with four different colors (red, yellow, green and blue), and there will be different themes for the interior of each color. “Are you ready to try these adorable buses with your EasyCard and iPass?” says Mayor Min-hui Huang. “You’re welcome to share you experience on social media.”

        According to Huang, the buses are equipped with UV pasteurizers and ionic air purifiers to reassure the passengers during the pandemic. In addition, USB chargers are installed in the bus for people to charge their electronic devices.

        According to Transportation Department, the electric buses on Zhongshan Main Route are going to hit the road on the 1st of June. Due to the pandemic, the delay of material importers, and the issue of the subsidy from the Central Government, The City Government is now working on Zhongxiao-Xinmin Main Route and Guanglinwojia Route. It’s estimated that the buses for the two routes will hit the road by the end of this year. Hopefully, these innovative buses will attract more passengers and tourists.