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Mayor Min-hui Huang’s Policy Address: New Center for People of All Ages to Live in

  • PostDate:2020-05-04

May 1, 2020

Intelligence Technologies Department/ Tourism and Information Department


        The 3rd regular Chiayi City Council meeting took place yesterday, and Chiayi City Mayor Min-hui Huang gave a policy address. She believes that there are a number of good changes thanks to the cooperation of the City Council, the City Government and the citizens. Facing the challenges of the pandemic, the City Government not only protects the city, but also builds it as a new center which is suitable for people of all ages to live in by taking urban innovative actions.


Working as one to protect the health of Chiayi citizens during the pandemic

        Mayor Huang says that the corona has caused 200 thousand deaths globally since the new year; therefore, the City Government founded the Disease Emergency Command Center on the Chinese New Year’s Eve (January 24th) to organize the precautionary measures and to control the pandemic.

        We’ve shown the teamwork and courage of Chiayi City during the pandemic. Besides the daily meetings about the precautions held by the City Government, the non-governmental organizations, citizens and legislators also provide resources for this war against the virus.

        “Focusing on the precaution, bailout as the priority.” Aside from controlling the spreading, the City Government also organize the information and resources of the Central Government and other parties to help the affected industries. They strive to get everyone to come through the challenges resulted from the pandemic.

        It is necessary to show the strength of a city during this pandemic. New opportunities for public health, neighborhood care, innovative education, and stay-at-home business thus come along as well. We’re going to be the new center of west Taiwan, which will give a boost to the daily life zone from south Changhua to north Tainan. Therefore, we need to think creatively about the development of the city and the areas nearby in a systematically and efficiently way.


The new center which is suitable for people of all ages to live in

        Age is also an issue aside from city development and economy.

        A modern city should give hope to the teenage, middle-aged and senior people. The spirit of design should be applied to the policies of city management in order to solve the issues among middle-aged and senior people.

        The City Government will achieve this goal by taking the following strategies: area rebuild, aesthetic design, industrial innovation, and social assistance.


Area rebuild: to connect the east and the west by the Elevated Railway Project and thus to conduct area rebuild, which includes: happy homeland construction, Chiayi Station Development Program, Chiayi Edible Crop Technology Park, and the Ring Road Program.

Aesthetic Design: to connect museums and tourist attractions with the new Wenhuan silk road in order to build a new area of art and culture; to implement the essential policies and share the results to Taiwan by making use of the opportunity offered by the Taiwan Design Expo 2020 in Chiayi.

Industrial innovation: to discover the features of Chiayi City in order to attract more people to move in.

Social assistance: to better the social system for senior and children care in order to reassure the residents.


        We’re going to build a city which make everyone’s potential discovered in this land. The solutions to the issues among all ages can be found in Chiayi City. Chiayi City will be an exemplar of the whole world.

        Mayor Huang gave the ideas of the future by showing papercraft of the blueprint during the policy address. The papercraft symbolizes the culture, history and the hospitality of Chiayi City.

        The stacked tiers of the papercraft stand for the 4 strategies to build the new center. They are: area rebuild, aesthetic design, industrial innovation, and social assistance.

        The heart-shaped design symbolizes the Peach City covered by love. Love and care connect different generations and make this city suitable for people of all ages.