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Safe Chiayi Thanks to You: Lions Clubs International District 300-D1 Donated Supplies for the Pandem

  • PostDate:2020-05-08

May 6, 2020

Social Affairs Department / Civil Affairs Department / East District Office / West District Office / Public Health Bureau / Fire Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        In order to show gratitude towards Lions Clubs International District 300-D1 for donating the supplies for the pandemic, the “Safe Chiayi Thanks to You: Supply Donation Press Conference” was held today. In behalf of the frontline personnel in Chiayi City, Mayor Min-hui Huang received the supplies and granted them the certificate of appreciation during the conference. Xiu-hua Zhang, Director of Lions Clubs International District 300-D1, along with the area chairmen and the president of the 17th Club in Chiayi donated 90 boxes (900) apples, 900 bottles of disinfection spray, and 900 carnations to thank the dedication of the frontline workers. Everyone in the conference also applauded to show the gratitude towards the workers.

        According to Huang, the first thing to do during the pandemic is to reassure people. She hopes everyone can be positive and everything gets back to normal. The Lions Clubs International offers important training and sets an annual goal around the world. She appreciates the concerns and worries of Lions Clubs International District 300-D1. “Because of you, Chiayi is now a safe place and we have the courage to move on,” she said. The apples symbolize safety, carnations symbolize love, and the disinfection spray may come in handy. The carnations they bought even benefited the flower farmers affected by the pandemic. The City Government had gathered units of social affairs, civil affairs and household affairs, and arranged tasks for precaution to Public Health Bureau and Fire Bureau in the first place. We should appreciate the medical workers in the frontline for keeping us safe. As the Mother’s Day around the corner, Huang also hopes all the mothers and their children are safe.

        According to Huang, many have applied the bailout program after its release. The City Government will strive to help people out as soon as possible. The executive teams of the Government will complete their jobs. We will also provide the information people need and keep in contact with the Central Government.

        According to Xiu-hua Zhang, the City Government and the medical units have been dedicating themselves to the precautions since the outbreak. Huang and her executive team have fulfilled the precautionary measures and tried to figure out how to make the economy thrive in order to reassure the citizens. She also appreciates the effort made by the frontline workers and hopes everyone can return home safely. She specially donated apples which symbolize safety and disinfection spray. Furthermore, she ordered 900 carnations from the flower farmers in Gang Ping to reduce the effects resulted from the pandemic, and donated them due to the Mother’s Day around the corner. She wants to ease the stress on the frontline workers like a mother does to children.

        Fighting against the virus is like a war, it requires not only the hard work of the government, but the supports of people. The collaboration between the government and the people is needed to fortify the net of precaution.