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Wen Ya Elementary School Selected as an International School of Exemplar by Japan Art Mile for the M

  • PostDate:2020-05-18

May 13, 2020

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


Wen Ya Elementary School was recently selected as an awarded school out of three in the world by Japan Art Mile for the mural artworks created with Nagai Elementary School of Fukuoka, Japan during the exchange. Wen Ya Elementary School was also deemed to be an exemplar for the dedication on the exchange of mural for years.

        According to the Principal Huan-dong Shen, it’s been 9 years since the international course “Artmile International Collaborative Learning” was first implemented. The two schools in Taiwan and Japan organized the course and did the exchange through letters and video calls. There were 16 mural artworks completed and this was the first time participating the competition.

        The work “Mother Earth and The Guardians” was instructed by Yi-ru Hou, Yu-jie Lu, Shu-ting Dai, Ming-ze Tsai. All 48 of the 5th grade students participated with the students of Nagai Elementary School. The work with 360cm length and 150cm width presents the two goals of UN: “Clean Water” and “Sustainable Cities and Communities”. The work was supposed to be displayed during Tokyo 2020 in July; however, it was still exhibited at the venue even though the Olympics got postponed due to the COVID - 19 outbreak. Wen Ya Elementary School was glad to receive the praise from the judges.

        Mayor Min-hui Huang also gave recognition to Wen Ya Elementary School. “The educational exchange of art demonstrates the beauty of Taiwanese cultures and helps the world learn the uniqueness and value of Taiwan,” she said. She believes every student that participated is a young citizen diplomat and the course will help them learn more about their homeland and the world.

        “We show eco-friendliness, recycle of water, biodiversity, and our yearning for sustainable development in this mural artwork,” said Meng-xuan Tang, the young art director. “It was stressful while holding the paint brush upon the unfinished work due to the concern of what it’d look like, but I really appreciate the instructions of the teachers,” said Yi-jie Tsai with excitement.

        “I felt a bit nervous while doing the video calls with the students of Nagai Elementary School, and sometimes I couldn’t understand their English,” Sheng-hui Zheng indicated. “However, they were confident and generous and I could feel their carefulness about the work. It was quite an achievement to receive the recognition of the world.”

        “Through the collaboration with Japan for the past few years, the students have learned more and how to treasure the local culture and history of Chiayi,” said the Principal Huan-dong Shen. “Not only have they improved their English, but they have also leaned some Japanese. Students acquire the knowledge and ability of intercultural communication from the exchange through video calls. They realize the value of homeland, respect different cultures and become experienced.”