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Orbs Painted by Schools of Chiayi City and the Astronomical Challenge Event for the Annular Eclipse

  • PostDate:2020-05-20

May 17, 2020

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi City Government has constructed installation art works in Beisianhu Park for the coming event of annular eclipse in June. The creative ideas of astronomy were applied into the design. One of the pieces was named “Starry Sky”. The Education Department of the City Government distributed lanterns to the schools in advance, and asked students to paint those starry lanterns with their creativities. The colorful orbs were then hung in the trees of the park, which makes a special scene in Chiayi. Mayor Min-hui Huang also drew an adorable self-portrait on the lantern with the students who were working on their own lanterns.

        According to Education Department, there will be 31 school campuses as the venues for the astronomic challenge event from now on until the end of May. People who want to participate have to download the app “Taiwan Go Around” and visit the 31 campuses to clear the challenges.

        According to Education Department, the questions for the event not only include the celestial events related to solar eclipse, but also English conversations. The official website also offers all the questions for the event, so people who intend to participate can get prepared and learn from it.

        Mayor Huang tried out the challenge in Lantan Elementary School on May 14, the 1st day of the event. The challenge event makes learning more interesting. One qualifies for the lucky draw when they complete 20 challenges. Clearing all the 31 challenges can even get the chance of having a desk telescope which is worth 5,000 dollars. Huang hopes all the citizens will join the event and earn the prizes.

        Chiayi City has been dedicating to the education of astronomy. The challenge event for the annular eclipse shows how diverse, colorful and intriguing education could be. People are welcome to take part in the event. Please go to the official for more information and the app ( For more information about activities for the annular eclipse in Chiayi City, please go to the Facebook page ( and stay tuned.