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Ren-yao Li Ceramic Personal Tour

  • PostDate:2020-05-21

May 19, 2020

Art Museum


        Ren-yao Li, born in Miaoli County 1971, received his master’s degree of College of Design, National United University. “Ren-yao Li Ceramic Personal Tour” takes place at the 4F exhibition room in Cultural Affairs Bureau of Chiayi City Government, which is the 17th stop of the tour. He has been dedicating to the ceramic art for 34 years. Titled the master of ceramic art of Taiwan, he still urges himself to improve the skills and to become better.

        Li stepped into the world of art because of his enthusiasm for calligraphy. He started creating his ceramic artworks during the high school, and his works are rather diverse. A fire in 2005 destroyed the studio and his artworks, which however made him make up his mind to accept challenges and have a breakthrough. He began his research on narrow neck ceramic works based on the traditional meiping (plum vase) standard of 1.5cm wide neck. Learning from constant setbacks, he succeeded to create one with a 0.01cm wide neck which only a strand of hair can pass through. He therefore was selected as one of the 49th Top 10 Outstanding Young Persons of Republic of China for art and culture in 2011.

        According to Li, the success rate of a narrow neck work is 5% to 10%, which means the failure rate is quite high. He has to fully concentrate on the work during the process in order to create a unique and satisfactory one. Hence, narrow neck pottery is the toughest skill of handmade ceramics. A narrow neck vase features a round body and a slender neck, symbolizing a place where fortune and happiness gather. The delicate technique brings out the humble and generous spirit of Chinese philosophy.

With the love to his homeland, the materials he uses for his artworks are mostly from Miaoli soil, which contains 23% to 26% of iron. He sometimes adds some bone ash of cow to help the changes of glaze. After firing, Miaoli soil would show different colors such as red, yellow, brown or black. The weather would also alter the result of the firing and make it even more splendid.

        The inspirations of the artworks for the personal tour mostly came from the nature. The artworks include narrow neck vases, hive teapots, and calligraphy. Those who are interested are welcome to the tour at the 4F exhibition room of Cultural Affairs Bureau during May 20 to June 14.