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The Debut of Electric Buses in Chiayi City, Hitting Zhongshan Main Route on June 1. “It’s a Trend to

  • PostDate:2020-05-26

May 20, 2020

Transportation Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi City debuted its electric buses today, and the green Zhongshan route will be initiated on June 1. They are the first electric buses in Taiwan, and will replace all the old buses in Chiayi City. They are all domestic and low-floor buses. The routes will be extended and the timetable will be rearranged for more buses. Many important guests as well as people with disabilities attended the debut.

        According to Mayor Huang, the date May 20, 2020 (wordplay for “I love you” in Mandarin) arranged for the debut is to express our love to the citizens by releasing such buses of good quality for the public transportation. Thanks to the City Council, Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport and Master Bus Manufacturer, Chiayi City Government has achieved the goal. The electric buses are the first domestic and low-floor ones. They also give a boost to the tourism of Chiayi City and advertise the electric bus manufacturer. They are energy-saving and each of them is unique with different patterns designed by SMART. Local elements and aesthetics are merged into the design with the hint of the Taiwan Design Expo 2020. The bicycle-sharing system is the last step towards perfect public transportation. It’s free to take a bus in Chiayi City by the end of this year, and you’ll be able to see the Big White Bear in the bus.

        Ying-jie Wang, Deputy Chairman of Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport, appreciates Mayor Huang for valuing the local industry. From Chiayi City to the whole nation, Huang is namely the mother of electric cars in Taiwan. The floor, motor and air-conditioner are made by the team of Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport, while the design and exterior are because of the effort of the City Government.

        The new electric buses are different from the old ones. The local artist SMART uses different colors on the buses for different routes. He added adorable animals on the interior of a bus. There are three routes: Zhongshan Main Route, Zhongxiao-Xinmin Main Route, and Guanglinwojia Route. The test on Zhongshan Main Route will be run from May 21 and initiated on June1. It is estimated that the buses will hit on the other two routes by the end of this year in response to “All buses electric by 2030” by Ministry of Transportation and Communication. Chiayi City will be able to fulfill the goal in this year and become the first place in Taiwan to do it.

        The low floor of the bus creates a friendly environment for people with disabilities, children, and the seniors. After June 1, there will be more buses on Zhongshan Main Route. There will be 70 buses a day instead of 42 as usual, one every 15 to 30 minutes. The 20 buses will increase to 40 on the 7th Downtown Lane.

        According to Transportation Department, Zhongshan Main Route will replace the 1st Downtown Lane on June 1. Zhongshan Main Route includes 24 stops of the Green Line and Green A Line. The stops of Chuiyang Road will be cancelled. The bus will drive on Zhongshan Road instead. New stops include: Changhua Bank, Central Fountain, City Government Hall, Administrative Enforcement Agency, Chiayi Senior Commercial Vocational School (Chiayi Park), and Chiayi Senior High School. Green A Line will have a new stop, Liucuo-Daxin Intersection. Passengers can go to the website of bus tracker ( before take the bus. You can also check out the timetables for each stop on the website of Transportation Department, Chiayi City Government (

        With cards for e-payment system such as EasyCard and iPASS, it’s free to take the bus on Zhongshan Main Route, the 66th Downtown Lane and the 7th Downtown Lane. During the test (May 21 to May 31), it’s free to take the bus on Zhongshan Main Route, 10 buses a day (round way).