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Running for the Popularity Prize, the 20 Nominees for “Three Minutes Video Competition” of Chiayi In

  • PostDate:2020-06-01

May 27, 2020

Chiayi Art Museum / Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        It’s been 7 years since the CIADFF (Chiayi International Art Doc Film Festival) was first held in 2014. This film festival has presented many art documentaries and turned an international platform for art events in Chiayi. Any topics are welcome to enter the “Three Minutes Video Competition” this year, which drew the attention of film makers. There were 1,201 entries (212 domestic and 989 oversea), and the international judges will choose 20 of them as nominees. The YouTube channel for the “Three Minutes Video Competition” founded on May 26 has obtained many likes from video artists.

        According to Chiayi Art Museum, the judges invited by Director Ming-chuan Huang consist of video producers, directors, and the event organizer. Besides the local Taiwanese judges, there are judges from other countries as well which include: Jie-kai Liao (a Singaporean independent film director), Au Sow-Yee (a Malaysian art producer), Xiao-hui Guo (a Malaysian video artist), Sachiko Ima (a Japanese film festival organizer) and Karolina Bregula (a Polish director and artist). The “Three Minutes Video Competition” has drawn the global attention and made Taiwan more well-known for its video art.

        There isn’t any topic limited for the “Three Minutes Video Competition” and the only condition is that only three to four minutes long videos are qualified. The champion will be awarded with 10 thousand US dollars (approximately 300 NT dollars). The prize for the festival this year is up to 1.5 million NT dollars.

        After the 20 nominees announced on May 25, the host uploaded them to YouTube. People can watch those videos and like the ones they are fond of on the YouTube channel ( during May 26 to June 26. One of them will be selected for the Popularity Prize. Chiayi Art Museum hopes that people can watch the 20 videos freely through YouTube.

        The winners for the Golden Prize, Silvery Prize, Best Creativity, Best Editor, Best Art Design, Best Shooting, and the Judge Special will be announced in July. Please don’t miss the chance to watch the works for the “Three Minutes Video Competition”.


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