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“Lessening without Loosening Up.” Chiayi City Has Reopened Places and Business. Taking Care of One’s

  • PostDate:2020-06-15

June 11, 2020

Public Health Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        The outbreak of the COVID-19 is slowing down thanks to everyone’s cooperation. The Central Epidemic Command Center announced that the prevention measures were lessened on June 7. Nonetheless, Chiayi City, as a city with the second highest population density in Taiwan, has to do it more carefully in favor of people’s health and the economy. Mayor Min-hui Huang has called for a lessening without loosening up. In order to make it a safe place for the cause of economy, she suggests the continuance of person prevention measures such as washing hands frequently, social distancing, wearing a mask in packed public areas.

        In favor of your own health, please remember the following rules:

  1. Continue to take temperature and use sanitizer before entering bureaus and departments of the City Government with registration.
  2. Wear a mask before entering the City Government and schools. It’s not necessary if you make sure to keep distance of 1.5 meters from each individual. Those who have symptoms related to respiratory tract still need to wear a mask.
  3. There’s no longer a limited number of people in public buildings.
  4. Buildings inside a school are open.
  5. The cafeterias for seniors are now reopened.
  6. The 8 closed industries can now register to restart the business if the 4 requirements are met.
  7. Workers in the food industry still have to wear masks.


“Lessening without loosening up.” For a better economy, the health is required. Take care of yourselves.