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Lectures at Beisianhu Park: Learning More About the Solar Eclipse from Astronomers Wei-hsin Sun and

  • PostDate:2020-06-17

June 13, 2020

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The annular eclipse which is rare to be witnessed is going to occur on June 21. Besides encouraging people to come to Chiayi City for the celestial event, Chiayi City Government has organized two lectures on given by two specialists for the astronomy education. The two specialists are Wei-hsin Sun Li, the Curator of National Museum of Natural Science, and Professor Xu-dai Li, the astronomer on the roof. The quota of participants for the two lectures are now full, which shows people’s passion for the annular eclipse.

        The first lecture given by Professor Xu-dai Li takes place on June 20. Thanks to the club in his college, his passion for astronomy was ignited. He joined the astronomy club out of curiosity, yet it made him dive right into the immense universe forever. As an astronomer with reputation, he has started two courses of liberal education in Chung Cheng University: “Exploration of the starry sky” and “Wandering among 101 celestial objects in the universe”. He also writes articles about astronomy and does some translation. He runs a Facebook page and a blog called “Astronomer on the Roof”. His lecture for the event will be on the annular eclipse and the solar system. He reveals that we’re in an era in which we’re able to observe both total solar eclipse and annular eclipse. How would this even happen? Don’t miss the lecture to find the answer and let’s wander in the universe to unveil the mystery.

        The one given by Wei-hsin Sun the Curator will take place on June 21 morning. Curator Sun has dedicated half of his life to astronomy. He is passionate about the universe and does a lot research on astronomy. There is an asteroid named after him (185364 Sunweihsin) which was discovered by Lulin Observatory. The theme on Sun’s lecture is “The Abnormality and Normality of Nature: History and Science of Solar Eclipse”. In the past, the vanished sun caused panics upon our ancestors; nowadays however, we anticipate the coming of the event. The development of astronomy makes such change. Scientists have learned the laws of movement and found out the abnormal changes are resulted from the regular movement of the universe.

        Valuing education, Chiayi City Mayor Min-hui Huang hopes more people can learn more about the secret of astronomy. It’s a rare opportunity to be able to witness an annular eclipse in Taiwan. Hopefully the lectures for the celestial event would interest more people in the universe. She reminds us not to miss the eclipse or the lectures given by two specialists.
According to Li-sheng Lin the Director of Education Department, the two lectures are full even though one has to sign up with name. Furthermore, the two lectures will be live online. The arrangement is made for people to participate without the limitation of time and space.


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