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8-Minute Drone Shows at Beisianhu Park, Demonstrating “Love Chiayi 621 2020” for the Annular Eclipse

  • PostDate:2020-06-19

June 14, 2020

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The anticipated annular eclipse caused by the sun, the moon and the earth in a direct line will occur on June 21. The path of the eclipse passes through Chiayi City, which is the best spot for observation. A drone show will take place at Beisianhu Park on the 20. An image of an annular eclipse arranged by 64 drones will show up for the celestial event.

        According to Education Department, 64 drones will show patterns or images such as “2020”, “0621”, a heart, “Taiwan”, “Chiayi”, the pitcher Ming-jie Wu, an annular eclipse and Formosa University. There will be two identical 8-minute shows above the lake. The shows are from 6:50PM to 7PM and from 9:05PM to 9:15PM on June 20. Don’t miss the very first drone shows in Chiayi City.

        Between the height of 20 meters and 120 meters, drones of different colors will show different 2D images. For example, the lights of the drones will twinkle from the inside to outside of the “heart”, as the stars in the sky. The process of the moon approaching the sun will also be demonstrated by the drones. The two drone shows in Chiayi City will light up the astronomical event.

        According to Education Department, the drone shows are the opening and ending of the first lecture for the annular eclipse. On the theme of the annular eclipse and solar system, the lecture will be given by Doctor Xu-dai Li, a professor of Graduate Institute of Astronomy, Central University. People are welcome to attend the lecture taking place at 6:30PM on June 20. Meanwhile, you can look up and see the beautiful drone shows.