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The Centurial Golden Ring Conduced to the 1st Policy Exchange between Chiayi City and Taipei City Go

  • PostDate:2020-06-24

June 21, 2020

Intelligence Technologies Department / Civil Affairs Department / Economic Affairs Department / Transportation Department / Public Health Bureau / Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        Thanks to the invitation of Chiayi City Mayor Min-hui Huang and the annular eclipse, Taipei City Mayor Wen-je Ko and his executive team came to Chiayi City for the exchange of policy exchange in terms of education, culture, and developments. Huang and Ko also prepared the gifts for each other, hoping there would be a stronger connection between two cities.

        The exchange took place at Yuh Tong Hotel this afternoon. In behalf of Chiayi City Government, Director-general of Cultural Affairs Bureau Bo-xun Xiao, Director of Education Department Li-sheng Lin, Director of Urban Development Department Cong-ling Yan, Director-general of Public Health Bureau Yao-mao Zhang, and Director of Intelligence Technologies Department Xuan-zhi Guo gave the presentation. As for Taipei City Government, Director of Education Department Can-jin Zeng, Director of Cultural Affairs Bureau Zong-xiong Cai, and Director-general of Urban Development Bureau Jing-mao Huang did the presentation.

        Before the presentation, each party greeted by exchanging gifts. Huang prepared the pandemic control angel small white bear, Foyishan eggrolls, pepper cookies, and little couples dry noodle. Chiayi City Government meanwhile prepared pitcher Ming-jie Wu figurine for Mayor Ko’s wife, Pei-qi Chen. Ko prepared Glorious City with his signature in it, natural dyed scarves, TDH gift packages and Taipei Pictorial issues. Taipei City Government also brought fans for the eclipse observation from Taipei Astronomical Museum.

        Huang hopes to arrange an exchange with Taipei Astronomical Museum. Thanks to the annular eclipse, Taipei City Government paid the first visit to Chiayi City for the exchange. Huang recalled the 20 years she spent in Taipei on school and work. For people born in Chiayi, Taipei is a developed place yet they still want to return to their root. In the past, we used to view Taipei from the perspective of the south and now Taipei City Government view us from the perspective of the south. The connection between the two has grown stronger.

        According to Huang, Chiayi City Government was well prepared for the exchange. They made an amazing schedule for Taipei City Government to show the hospitality. Huang also emphasized that the invitation for Ko, Mrs. Ko and the Taipei City Government was astronomy education rather than an activity or carnival. We both hope there will be more opportunities for us to collaborate.

        Taipei City Mayor Ko appreciates the invitation for the annular eclipse by Huang. The next one would be 195 years later if missing this chance. Apart from the annular eclipse, what’s more important is the policy exchange between two cities. Ko gave the praise for the achievements of Chiayi City on senior care and historic building preservation after the visits to the age-friendly park, Chiayi Wood Factory. He hopes to learn from it and do better.

        Taipei CooC-Cloud 4.0, a platform for learning, and Chiayi City have signed the memorandum of understanding. Taipei City and Chiayi City Cultural Affairs Bureau have organized a musical, I’m the Incarnation of Oil Painting. There will be 2 to 3 shows at Taipei City Stage during 228 vacation in 2021 and 1 to 2 shows at Chiayi City Cultural Affairs Bureau on March 6 and March 7. Ko, Mrs. Ko and Taipei City Government paid a visit to the age-friendly park, the square at the front station, Chiayi Wood Factory and Beisianhu Park. Chiayi City is of history and culture, and there are also good sceneries and food everywhere.

        Chiayi City Government and Taipei City Government went to Nice Hotel dining after the annular eclipse.