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People Crammed into Chiayi City for the Annular Eclipse. Mayor Min-Hui Huang, Taipei City Mayor Wen-

  • PostDate:2020-06-24

June 21, 2020

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The annular eclipse, the God’s golden ring, occurred in Chiayi City today during the summer solstice. The celestial event has drawn crowds of people to Chiayi City. The eclipse was way too attractive. According to Mayor Min-hui Huang, Chiayi City Government prepared themselves to make dedication for this event. Taipei City Mayor Wen-je Ko, Ko’s wife Pei-qi Chen and his executive team, as well as renowned movie director were all invited to Chiayi City for the eclipse.

        Chiayi City is the best spot for observation for the path passes through it. Despite the heat, many still crammed into the roads and Beisianhu Park. There was a lecture in the morning and people held the tools to observe the one-minute total eclipse from 4:14PM with constant screaming. In Beisianhu Park, 5 F-16 jets flew by above in V formation afterwards. Huang felt quite touched after seeing the eclipse and Ko found it the best experience he has ever had.

        Besides Beisianhu Park, Chiayi Station, Song of Forest and Chiayi Wood Factory with large public areas were all packed. People waited and brought their tools for the eclipse observation. Everywhere in Chiayi City was a perfect spot and many people from different places in the nation came to Chiayi City.

        Huang appreciates Ko for bringing his executive team to Chiayi City. The annular eclipse is a wonderful event education and inspires people to explore the universe and the mysteries of astronomy. In the meantime, Chiayi City and Taipei City also arranged a policy exchange, hoping for the collaboration in the future.

        Ko, Mrs. Ko and his executive team of Taipei City Government paid a visit to the age-friendly park, the square at the front station, Chiayi Wood Factory and Beisianhu Park. Chiayi City is of history and culture, and there are also good sceneries and food everywhere. Te-Sheng Wei, the director of KANO, which tells a story of Kano baseball team playing in Koshien, found it a special experience to observe the celestial event. He realized that many are passionate about it after seeing the packed train today, and thought Chiayi City was an amazing city to gather people together. Wei kept staring at the sun during the process of the eclipse and said the sun and the universe were amazing.