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The 38th Anniversary of City Promotion, Chiayi City Will Build a New Center for People of All Ages t

  • PostDate:2020-07-06

July 1, 2020

Civil Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        To celebrate the 38th anniversary of Chiayi City promoted as a provincial city, serial activities were held at Chiayi Wood Factory this morning. There were performances by performers of different generations, which shows the cause of Chiayi City becoming a new urban center that is perfect for people of all ages to live in. The celebration was witnessed by the President of the Control Yuan Po-ya Chang, The Director of Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office Miao-Hsiu Huang, the former Chiayi City Council deputy speaker Jin-yi Luo, councilors and village chiefs. Chiayi City Mayor Min-hui Huang appreciates the efforts the predecessors made and the supports of the citizens. She finds Chiayi City small yet greatly charming and glorious. The promotion demonstrates the efforts the predecessors made and we’re all responsible for the city’s future and to make it progress.

        “I’m proud to be a citizen of Chiayi City!” Tears started oozing upon her eyes when Huang mentioned the history of Chiayi City. She pointed out that it had been 38 years since Chiayi City was promoted as a provincial city on July 1, 1982 and the promotion was rather inspiring. Not only should we be grateful for those who put effort in it for the celebration of the 38th anniversary, but see the future and hope in order to move on and make progress. Huang said the 5 old provincial cities were demoted into county-administered cities in 1950 including Chiayi City. It was a tough period with limited budget for the infrastructure. The crucial points of the promotion were the proposals brought up by a legislator Shih-hsien Hsu and by her father Yong-qin Huang in the Provincial Council. The propasl in the Council was supported by the Chairman of Provincial Government Yang-kang Lin. The good relationship between the Council and the Government made the city promotion possible. The challenge met in the County Council. There were only 16 councilors out of 48 representing Chiayi City, which accounted for less than a half. Eventually, the problem was solved thanks to the petition launched by a former Deputy speaker Jin-yi Luo and many other councilors, including the fathers of some current councilors. The budget of 300 million increased to 1.2 billion and then to current 14.6 billion. With responsibility passed down, Huang finds it challenging yet necessary to take. She wishes Chiayi City would become the new urban center in the west and Yun-Chia-Nan area. She dedicates herself to creating a place for people of all ages to live in. Chiayi City is anticipated to be the pioneer which leads the Yun-Chia-Nan area and to work with other cities and counties. This is what the promotion of Chiayi City stands for.

        Huang turned emotional while speaking of the past. The President of the Control Yuan Po-ya Chang even brought up the fact that Chiayi City is the best city without any debt. Huang remembers the efforts people made in the past and also reminds the Central Government to keep the promise. Even though Chiayi City isn’t in debt, the potential expense is the 3.83 billion for the railway elevation. Ex-President Shui-bian Chen promised to pay all the expense if the underground project turned into elevation project. She hopes the Central keeps the promise to the Chiayi City citizens. With the 38 billion, Chiayi City would develop prosperity rapidly.

        Huang wants to build Chiayi City into the new center in the west with the push of the railway elevation. Besides convenience and economy, age-friendliness is also an essential point for the city development. A city of new era should bring hopes to people of all ages. For the city management, the concern should be focused on the daily problems of different generations when it comes to public policies. To achieve this goal, there are 4 strategies needed: area rebuild, urban aesthetics, industry renaissance, and social assistance.

        Different generations showed their talents during the celebration for the birthday of Chiayi City. The performance of drum and dance by Dongchuan crew opened the event. The following choir performance was given by Rongguang Kindergarten. Then, the students of Dong Wu Vocational High School brought “Chiayi City Go!” and “Go Again” which symbolizes Chiayi City moving forward to end the show. They also held the ceremony of “Chiayi, Fly Up High” to demonstrate the transformation of Chiayi City.

        As the pandemic was getting better, there were several local shops selling unique products at the celebration. They included: Town Chen Goose Store, Sweet Potato Cookies, Little Couples Dry Noodle, Gelato Girl, Ochatsuki, and Redu Chocolate Workshop. The 4 awarded neighborhoods by Ministry of Health and Welfare also displayed their achievements at the celebration. The 4 awarded neighborhoods were: Ding Zhuang Neighborhood, Bai Chuan Ting Neighborhood, Fu Ming Neighborhood and Jing Zhong Neighborhood. The students of Affiliated Elementary School of NCYU also introduced the history of insects to Mayor Huang with passion. There were also promotions for the Chiayi City Shopping Festival and Chiayi Arts Festival. Huang kept telling people to visit Chiayi City. The low-floor electric buses showed up at the celebration as well. Civil Affairs Department hopes people to visit Chiayi City and take the bus for the performances and the opportunity to gain a car by shopping in Chiayi City.