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“Dare to Try, Long Live Your Dreams.” Chiayi Youth Festival on July 11 and 12

  • PostDate:2020-07-08

July 7, 2020

Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department


        “I’m aware that we’re insignificant; nonetheless, I wish to make some changes.” Some Internet celebrities and music bands including: Chuchushoe, SALU, Amazing Show, and Sorry Youth will talk about their journey of creation in Chiayi City on July 11 and 12. The event will take place at Chiayi Central Plaza with music performances and speeches.

        To demonstrate the hospitality, passion and diligence of Chiayi citizens, Intelligence Technologies Department organized the 1st Chiayi Youth Festival. “Youth” represents the bold, active, passionate and faithful young generation.

        Being unsatisfied with being a creator of derivative works from foreign videos, Chuchushoe dived right into the Internet world with limitless information so as to become an authentic trivia YouTuber. All he wants is to make his own videos. What he really cares is to bring knowledge of different realms towards the viewers rather than the views of his videos. For example, myoglobin which is commonly mistaken with blood on steak; the story of a smart book thief. He turns plenty of information into brief and funny videos with evidence. He became the 30th Youtuber in Taiwan with over a million subscribers on May 28, 2019.

        Compared to Chuchushow with over a million subscribers, SALU used to live a tough life. They are 4 new graduates who started up business in debt. They started YouTube later than many others did and they believe that staying as fools and doing things step by step are the key to gain more viewers. They stayed on the streets over night with paper boxes, had a charity sale for socially vulnerable groups, and did recycling collection for a living for 168 hours in the serial videos “Surviving on the Street”. They stayed at a beach full of litter for 7 days and built a hut with the litter in the serial videos “My House Is Dirty”, which shows some issues in the society.

        Most members of the indie band Amazing Show are from Chiayi City. Their music isn’t like pop and they don’t earn that much. However, they still pursue their dreams and keep trying out new elements in their music to make it more diverse. Each of their recent songs released belongs to different genres. Disco elements were added in the song “You Are My Crazy Lover”. “Workers”, the song in the TV show “Workers”, through Taiwanese rock displays the challenges laborers meet and the difficulties they faced being in this band. The song “Chill Out” brings out their attitude towards music.

        The specialty of Sorry Youth is to create the right atmosphere. The 10 minutes long “Brothers Shouldn’t Live Without Dreams” tells a story of young people who feel helpless in their jobs and in this society. Sorry Youth always voices for them with their music and encourages them to have faith in themselves.

        In “The Motorcycle Diaries”, we can see the fearless spirit of adventure. “Lying in the mat, which is our bed in the future, never stops us from dreaming about the future. We can feel the lighter and free air, the air of adventures.”

        Chuchushoe, SALU, Amazing Show and Sorry Youth tell us to try out and not to be afraid. Keep chasing after your dreams even when facing failure. We are still young, and the failure would push us to keep moving. Everyone is welcome to Chiayi Youth Festival.


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