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Mayor Huang, YouTubers, Entrepreneurs, Indie Bands Are Up for Something Great. Survival in Our Own G

  • PostDate:2020-07-14

July 11, 2020

Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Summer belongs to young people. Chiayi City Government holds the Chiayi Youth Festival at Chiayi Central Plaza on July 11 and 12. YouTuber Chuchushoe, the Shirt, SALU, Amazing Show and Sorry Youth are invited to give speeches or live performances. There were approximately 800 young people under 35 participating the event. Mayor Min-hui Huang also showed up and cheered up for the youth. She said: “Young people always meet the challenges in the society regardless of the eras or time. Do not fear and go for what you dream of. I’ve got your back. Never let the discriminations from the society get you or let setbacks consume your passions. Live like the way you want.” Huang appreciates those who support the festival and pointed out Chiayi Youth Festival was meant for young people.

        “I like sharing cool stuff and that’s why I have over a million subscribers,” said Chuchushoe in the beginning of the event. Sharing cool stuff is still his motivation to make new videos now. What to do when you meet challenges in the journey to pursue your dreams? Jun of SALU believes one should enjoy the challenges, keep moving, and do whatever you can to chase your dreams. Shan-liao Huang, the founder of the Shirt, wanted to prove himself and therefore established a digital media company as well as created a new business model. He records the lives of Taiwanese people with videos and has discovered the true value of himself.

        Silver Gate, a delivery platform for elders, was founded by a young person born in the 90s. Its team does more than just delivering food. They also show concerns on and love to elders. Shi-heng Wang, the founder of Chung Chung Film, believes the process of starting up a business is to meet the balance of debt and your dreams. The designers of Cool Seller for mobile diners suggest young people discover their own potentials and make use of them. Lian-ming Wu, the shopkeeper of Roi Café, shared how to be influential among other people and have our own special influence.

        According to Intelligence Technologies Department, being young has nothing to do with the age. The lecturers of the festival have demonstrated the courage of facing challenges. The key to make your dreams come true is to keep persistent and bold. Don’t worry if someone says “what’s wrong with you?” That shows you’re on the way towards your dreams.

Chiayi Youth Festival is waiting for you tonight and tomorrow.
The schedule for the festival: