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Amazing Show Hyped Up Chiayi City and Mayor Huang Showed Up to Cheer Up Young People

  • PostDate:2020-07-15

July 12, 2020

Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Amazing Show, whose members are mostly from Chiayi City, played a gig at Chiayi Central Plaza tonight. In the atmosphere of excitement, the audience kept screaming and singing along with Amazing Band. Mayor Min-hui Huang also showed up to enjoy the music and took pictures with Amazing Band and the audience afterwards.

        “We do something in Chiayi Youth Festival!” said Mayor Huang. People would ask what exactly you’re up to if you act too persistently. There is no achieving a goal without being persistent. The City Government will support what you try to do as long as it’s something good and positive. There weren’t only concerts in Chiayi Youth Festival, but also forums for young people to share experiences of starting a business and bittersweet of life.

        Hsiu Chi, the guitarist, hopes people will bring more friends to the concert at the City Government, and purchase more products from the stalls nearby for the tourism.

        The songs Amazing Show performed today were King of Light, You Are My Crazy Lover, Workers, Mia, and encore song Chill Out.

        For the concerts of Chiayi Youth Festival, besides HJband (a Chiayi local band) and Reversing into Garage (a band from Taipei), Aoi, whose songs are mainly folk music, was also invited. Moreover, Sorry Youth also showed their talents and charms among young people by their Taiwanese songs. Brothers Shouldn’t Live without Dreams by them cheered up the whole Chiayi City.