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Science 168, an Expo of Science Education, Reached Its Peak

  • PostDate:2020-07-22

July 20, 2020

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The closing ceremony of Chiayi City Science 168 will take place at 5PM today. There were in total approximately 107 thousand participants to the event from July 16 to 20. The record was broken on July 19 with 33 thousand participants within one single day. Mayor Min-hui Huang paid a visit to each stall on the first day and livestreamed the event on the 19th. Poet Du Ye even wrote a poem after going to the event. “In Science 168, I saw the passion of those who work for the education of Chiayi and the hope to the children,” said Mayor Huang. “Please come back again next year for the children to support them and make them closer to their dreams.”

        Chiayi City Government dedicates to popularizing science education by organizing Science 168, which inspires students to observe and think logically. The even is not only the common memory of children in Chiayi during the summer, but a “brand” of science education of Chiayi City. Participants are able to experience and to do the experiments by themselves in the science classrooms and science challenges. Some can also try to outwit the opponents in the science competition.

        Science 168 this year brought people special experiences, said Li-sheng Lin the director of Education Department. The first “cross-country” activity was held on July 18. Wearing headlights, the parents and the children tried to complete the task by figuring out the best route through the map at Gangping Park. This is also the first night cross-country activity in the past 10 years. On the night of the day, there were a drone show with 200 drones organized by the City Government and the Southern Branch of Palace Museum.

        Lectures given by Ya-wang Wang, the CEO of 2Plus Boardgames, Ding-ming Li, the general manager of Da Ai Technology, and Dang Li, the editor in chief of Xiao Tian Xia, took place at G9 Creative Park. The topics included boardgame design, eco-friendly tech, and kid books for common knowledge.


The poem written by Du Ye for Science 168:


Chiayi Is Science

Once Science come to Gangping, Chiayi

She went crazy

In the science classroom

White balls got wisdom

They knew how to escape from the tube

Cancer and Alzheimer’s awaited the kids

To diagnose them
Sounds here were visible

By ears and eyes
The boardgames led the young Archimedes

To travel around the world

To travel in the universe of science


At park

Ropes climbed up the trees

With scouts clinging to them


Some kids said

A rubber band

A foam board

And I’ll be able to fly
Also make Chiayi fly


Chiayi Can fly

Made from hinoki

Made of chicken rice

With good smells

Chiayi is science


The success of Science 168 demonstrates the strength and dedication on education.


Participants in total: 107,708

16. July

17. July