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Just Do It! 20 Creative Entries for the Precautions in the Teen Maker Competition

  • PostDate:2020-07-29

July 25, 2020

Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi City Government organized the first competition of making items for the pandemic precautions. There were nearly 60 teams from Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan registering the competition in April, and 20 of them entered the final. They displayed and demonstrated their creations at the City Government hall today in order to win the awards. Chiayi City Mayor Min-hui Huang, who dedicates herself to middle school education and tech center, was amazed by their ideas for the precautions.

        According to Huang, the City Government held the competition for the students to collect ideas and help the precautions of the corona outbreak earlier this year. There were 58 teams in total participating in the competition.

        Young students nowadays have so many ideas and they can easily make robots to solve problems through observation, said Huang. “Imagination is the source of creativity and implementation is the power of innovation,” said Huang to give praise to the students for they can observe, think and act in order to solve the problems.

        According to Intelligence Technologies Department, the 20 entries in the final concluded unmanned transporters, robots which can automatically spray sanitizer, models for the precautionary buildings, and even sanitizing smart bracelets. The champion went to Team Mystery from Tainan Beimen Senior High School that created solar auto-sanitizers. Team Mystery wanted to help the precautions and save energy at the same time. The sonic detector will spray the alcohol on your hands once you approach it and offer lotion after that.

        Just Maker, from Chiayi Beixing Junior High School, was one of the only three teams in junior high school. They made the “Xiaomai Robot” for the precautions. Xiaomai has infrared thermometer and hand sanitizer. People can control Xiaomai through the remote from afar. Xiaomai can also delivery meals and daily supplies, upload information, and make an emergency alert through LINE. Xiaomai is definitely the best helper during the pandemic.

        Aside from the entries in the competition, there was also a dance performance by Zenbo robots made by AI_Robot of Southern Taiwan Science Park. Intelligence Technologies Department announces that there will be an AIoT competition for tech makers and college students in October. Participants will have to create for the IoT and AI. People who are interested can check the website of AIoT.


Competition Awards:
Champion: Mystery, Beimen Senior High School

The 2nd place: Hand Washing Fun, Yongqing Senior High School

He 3rd place: See What I Found, Yongqing Senior High School


Honorable Mention:
6083, Concordia Middle School

Momo Paradise, Lantan Junior High School

Creative Boy Team of Tooth-controlling Car, Nanke International Experimental High School

BTS of Precautions, Fu Jen Catholic High School

Just Maker, Beixing Junior High School