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“Adorable Police 5+1, Police’s Love to Chiayi” for Parents and Children to Complete Tasks, and Mayor

  • PostDate:2020-08-03

July 29, 2020

Police Bureau / Transportation Department / Education Department / Social Affairs Department / Fire Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        In order to educate the priority in terms of traffic and to execute the crime prevention summer project 2020, Chiayi City Police Bureau organizes “Adorable Police 5+1, Police’s Love to Chiayi” in 3 batches for parents and children. The three batches are from 14:00 to 17:00 each day on July 29, July 30 and August 1. As the principal of this traffic school, Mayor Min-hui Huang presented the badges and the “Big White Bear” to the students. Children at 5 to 7 will be able to experience being one-day police officers after signing up on the Internet.

        How wonderful it is that there’s the police to protect us, Huang said. The drills the Thunder Squad demonstrated are in favor of the citizen’s safety. The two popular videos “Chiayi City – the City Criminals Loathe the Most” and “Never Commit a Crime in Chiayi Because We Outwit You” show the outstanding police in Chiayi City who keep the crimes away. Chiayi City is the safest city and a good place for people to live in.

        The camp allows children to actually walk into the police bureau and to learn traffic rules, crime prevention, and self-protection. The children can also relate the police to their hard works after wearing the police uniforms and being the one-day police officers. It means a lot to them.

        A 4-year-old kid, Ray, drew everyone’s attention. His dad works in the Dounan Precinct of Yunlin Police Bureau, and his mom is from Chiayi. His dream is to become a police officer like his dad.

        According to the Director-General of Police Bureau Shu-de Chang, the activities for the camp include motorcycle experiencing, traffic directing, traffic rule test, anti-drug & anti-bullying lesson, self-defense lesson, anti-fraud lesson, and crime confrontation. One can get a special badge and a hidden prize after completing all the tasks.

        According to the security satisfaction survey conducted by National Police Agency in the second half of 2019, Chiayi City is in the 1st place of “overall security”, “ability of fighting crime” and “patrol duty. Chiayi City is also in the 2nd place of “traffic violation cracking down”.

        The Police Bureau adopts tech to support their works. Chiayi City has the highest density of surveillance system. The tech also automatically cracks down traffic violations, tells a stolen car, checks in for the patrol. The big data on Cloud collects the information of accidents to improve the traffic, and the “accidence dealing cloud” does paper work for an accident through mobile digital painting, which saves plenty of time.