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Design Makes the Innovation and Aesthetics of a City, Taiwan Design Expo Connects Chiayi City and Hs

  • PostDate:2020-08-06

August 4, 2020

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        Hsinchu City hosts the Taiwan Design Expo 2020, and Chiayi City will follow to host the event in 2021. Zhi-jian Lin, the Hsinchu City mayor, started his 5-day tour to 7 different places in Taiwan yesterday with his executive team and the representatives of Hsinchu Science Park. They arrived in Chiayi City this afternoon for a visit. Chiayi City mayor Min-hui Huang welcomed them and brought them to the venues of the Taiwan Design Expo 2021: G9 Creative Park and Chiayi Wood Factory. They had an exchange for the Taiwan Design Expo.

        Instructed by an experienced crafter Zong-lun Zheng, the two mayors made their own wooden stools and exchanged their creations in Lun Wood Workshop at G9 Creative Park. They also had an exchange at Roicafé and walked around to see the special buildings at the park. Afterwards, they took the electric bus to Chiayi Wood Factory. With the guide of the Forest Railway Office, they went to the exhibition hall and saw the facilities. In the evening, they dined in Smart Fish, which was introduced on the Netflix show Street Food.

        Huang states, Chiayi City and Hsinchu City were both promoted into provincial cities in 1982 and have been partner cities for 18 years since 2002. She hopes to run the city and to make it in progress with the ideas of design. A crew of the Chiayi City Government went to Hsinchu City last month for the exchange. The Hsinchu Science Park is in Hsinchu City, and the city has the advantage of young population and people who are good at tech. The innovation of the city is worth learning from. As the host of Taiwan Design Expo 2021, the Chiayi City Government will build the city into a place suitable for everyone to move in with the 4 main strategies: area rebuild, urban aesthetics, offering work opportunity, and social assistance. Huang also made a promise that the Chiayi City Government will attend Taiwan Design Expo this year.

       According to Huang, the venues of Taiwan Design Expo 2021 are Chiayi Wood Factory, Chiayi Old Prison, and G9 Creative Park. The city of history and cultures. The Art Museum particularly is a historic building with modern elements such as glass designed by outstanding architects.

        Lin mentioned, Hsinchu City and Chiayi City have a lot in common in terms of the city development, for example, numerous historic buildings. One can learn from the other for city management. In order to make Taiwan Design Expo a success, a special project was made to encourage more participants from different places in Taiwan to take part in the expo in October. Design was adopted for the public construction in Hsinchu City. He learned a lot from Huang and was impressed by the arrangement of G9 Creative Park and by other historic buildings.

        Chiayi City is now being developed with the ideas of design. A path beside the baseball stadium is now being built to optimized the interaction for the pedestrians with the city. The city bike lane is being bettered and the current electric bus is designed in favor of the elders and people with disabilities.

        Taiwan Design Expo was started by Industrial Development Bureau. Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2003. Taiwan Design Research Institute chooses a local government as the host every year. It was held in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taichung, Taitung, Yilan, and Pintung before. The theme this year is “Check in Hsinchu – Persanity”, featuring digital tech, city design, urban innovation, and life industries. The them next year is “Chiayi, City as Home”, featuring Chiayi City’s uniqueness and its people’s hospitality.