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Hook Turns for Elderly Scooter Riders, “1-day Work Experience – Traffic Police”

  • PostDate:2020-08-11

August 10, 2020

Police Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        As a reminder for elderly scooter riders to use hook turns, Chiayi City Government made the “1-day Work Experience – Traffic Police” video. As a one-day traffic officer, Mayor Min-hui Huang rewarded the elderly riders who actually used hook turns with Kuai Kuai snacks of “Big White Bear” packaging. Those who received the snacks looked quite delightful.

        According to the traffic brigade of the City Police Bureau, many accidents have occurred at the intersections and riders who took direct left turns caused most of them. The city had 40 cases of violation of hook turns that caused 55 injuries during January to June.

        According to the statistics of the traffic rule violation for scooters in the city during January to June, there were 8120 cases of violation of hook turns, 3701 of illegal parking and 3193 of running a red light. As for elders above 65 who violated the traffic rules, run-a-red-light accounts for 13%, right turns of a red light 11.72%, scooters running on inner lanes 11.65%, driving without a license 11.04%, and direct left turns 9.69%. Even though the cases of direct left turns didn’t top, there were still 787 cases among elders.

        In the video, Huang in the uniform was on duty with officers. An old man was stopped for he didn’t follow the rules and used a direct left turn. He got a traffic ticket after the officers told him how dangerous it was to do so.

        A lady looking wronged stopped by officers said: “I didn’t use a direct left turn. Why did you stop me?” Huang reminded her to tighten the helmet strap and then gave her the Kuai Kuai snacks as a reward for her actually following the rules. A smile suddenly appeared on her face.

        In the end of the video, a couple of one-day children officers tell us not to illegally park, not to drive side by side, not to rush while driving, and not to use a direct left turn.


The “1-day Work Experience – Traffic Police” video

Mayor version:

Officers version: