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Traditional Chinese Opera in the Course of Health Maintenance

  • PostDate:2020-08-14

Traditional Chinese Opera in the Course of Health Maintenance, Chiayi City’s New Move to Delay the Disabilities Caused by Aging

August 13, 2020

Public Health Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        “There are plenty of chronic diseases and it’s troublesome to get one. Do regular exercise have a bland diet to keep away from them.” Chiayi City Government has been working on the program “Healthy Life for Elders” for the past three years. This year, the City Government collaborated with Chiayi City Senior Traditional Opera on a traditional Chinese opera show which demonstrated the concept of health maintenance.

        Chiayi City Public Health Bureau has been organizing lessons of health maintenance for seniors since 2018. Utilizing local resources, experts from local medical association also help with the lessons. The lessons include the physical examination, dietetics for seniors, exercise, dementia prevention, drug safety, chronic disease prevention, and oral health. There were 653 participants from 20 neighborhoods in 2018, and 713 participants in 2019. The satisfaction rate is up to 95.5%, and the biological age of the senior participants is 7 to 9 years younger according to the data.

        Since 95.6% of the old participants are willing to participate again, 2 more neighborhoods joined and experts from the medical association and local medical institutions helped the lecturers from the Senior Center with the lessons this year. The lessons were also uploaded and shared on the fan page. The activity also improves the social interaction between the lecturers and the senior students.

        The lecturers spent time listening to the opinions and suggestions of participants before the activity actually began, said the general-director of Public Health Bureau Yao-Mao Chang. There were mandatory and optional lessons for the neighborhoods which participated for the cause of “customization”.

        The actors of Chiayi City Senior Traditional Opera won the championship of South Eco-drama Contest. The members are either retired from their careers or those who are still working and stepping into old stage. They’ve been dedicating on raising the awareness of dementia, healthy diet and environment. Being in the lecturer team, they had a discussion on chronic diseases and wrote stories and lines for the shows. The seniors learned how to take care of themselves through watching the traditional Chinese opera shows. The leader of the opera Shi-lin Huang said they wouldn’t be able to actually acquire the knowledge simply through the lectures. Learning from the traditional opera would be a boost for the elders because they’re familiar with them and it’s nostalgic for them to watch a traditional opera show.

        It’s the first try to combine the courses of health maintenance with traditional opera this year. An hour of the lectures and another hour of traditional opera performances and lessons made the activity a success. The seniors also learned a lot from it.