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The Number of Public Kindergartens Increases in Chiayi City

  • PostDate:2020-08-24

August 18, 2020

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        In order to enable young parents to work without worrying about the nursery school for their children, the Education Department of Chiayi City has checked the classrooms and rooms in each school and broadly started kindergartens. A new kindergarten affiliated to Jiabei Elementary School has been founded in 2020. More classes have also been added to Datong Elementary School and Beiyuan Elementary affiliated kindergartens. With the budget of 18 million from the Central Government, a new building in Jingzhong Elementary School was built for the new 7 classes added, which can accommodate 196 more children.

        According to the director of Education Department Li-sheng Lin, the City Government has increased the classes for 2-year-old children in Beiyuan Affiliated Kindergarten in 2020 school year to ease the burden of parents and to better the quality of education. Some special courses for elementary students are added in the curriculum for the children to get prepared for the elementary courses. The new building in Jingzhong Elementary School is designed for the children, and it creates the perfect environment for children to stay.

        Chiayi City Government has renewed the contract with Eden Social Welfare Foundation for another 4 years to keep the Orange Non-profit Kindergarten. Low-income families, the indigenous peoples, children with disabilities, parents with disabilities, families in hardship have the priority to apply the kindergarten. Those who are qualified pay less than 3,500 a month, and 1000 less for the third children in the same family. There are 9 non-profit kindergarten classes in the city, which can accommodate 270 children.

        Director Lin says Chiayi City has been working on improving the system of public nursery schools. In August, 5 more kindergartens agreed to be public and will be able to accommodate 656 more children. There are now totally 20 public kindergartens in Chiayi City with the accommodation of 2,174 children (list on Early Childhood Educare website: The public kindergartens charge 4,500 a month and 1,000 less for the third kid in the same family. It’s free for low-income families. The rest of the expense will be paid by the Government. The City Government will keep encouraging the private schools to turn public for childhood care and education.

        According to Director Lin, Chiayi City offers the public nursery schools for 4,600 children because they insist to ease the burden on parents and to take care of the minorities. In the future, there will be more public nursery schools and classes.