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The Press Conference for “Chenghuang Night Patrol

  • PostDate:2020-08-25

The Press Conference for “Chenghuang Night Patrol, Misfortune Removal 2020” on the 1st of the 8th Chinese Lunar Month


August 22, 2020

Civil Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The “Chenghuang Night Patrol, Misfortune Removal” will start from 2PM on the 1st day of the 8th month in Lunar Calendar. Fan General, Hsieh General and Jia Jiang portrayed by Jixiang and Jisheng crews will as usual lead the way for Chenghuang God during the patrol this year. Wudao Chenghuang Temple in Kinmen is also invited to the event for the Ghost Festival this year to demonstrate their sedan chair performance. Min-hui Huang, the Chiayi City mayor, announced in the press conference thrown by Chiayi Chenghuang Temple today that the first Ghost Cosplay Contest will kick off during the night patrol.

        “The more local it is, the more international it’d be,” says Huang. Chenghuang Temple has more than 300-year history, and she appreciates the effort Chairman Lai and the board have made for the ghost month event. The special ritual and performance by Jixiang and Jisheng crews for the night patrol will take place at Chiayi Station and the Central Fountain. Huang also encourages people to sign up for the Ghost Cosplay Contest, which offers prizes and the chance to join the patrol for the winners. As the ghost month is coming, people in Chiayi will prepare for the Pudu rite and Huang wants people to seize the chance to visit Chiayi for either religious or tourist purpose.

        The ghost month season has begun since August 16 and there are many events in this month such as the drum opening ceremony, the lighting ceremony, the river lighting ceremony, censer crossing ceremony and the Pudu initiating. Every year, Chenghuang Temple follows the tradition and start the patrol on the 1st day of the 8th month in lunar calendar to chase after the wandering ghosts and take them back to where they belong. There’s also a traditional ritual where believers are locked in the shackle made of paper and confess the mistakes they made to Chenghuang God in order to ask him for forgiveness. This ritual is also known in many other countries and drew lots of oversea participants from Japan and Singapore last year.

        During the night patrol, Jixiang and Jisheng crews lead the way for Chenghuang God as guards. They were founded in 1918 and have 100-year history. The two will have a traditional Jia Jiang competition at Chiayi Station and the Central Fountain during the patrol.

        Participants for the Ghost Cosplay Contest will have the chance to join the night patrol and win the prizes. In the press conference today, parents and children dressed up as zombies as the examples for the cosplay contest.

        The police also provide the information of the intersections where many traffic accidents have happened for Fan General, Hsieh General and Jia Jiang to practice exorcism. There are also locations for believers to crawl under the sedan chair: Central Square (15:00), Jingguo Neighborhood (17:00) and Cultural Park (21:00).