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The Survey Conducted by Kangjian Magazine Shows Chiayi City in the 1st Place of Non-special Municipa

  • PostDate:2020-09-02

The Survey Conducted by Kangjian Magazine Shows Chiayi City in the 1st Place of Non-special Municipalities on Healthy City and the 2nd Place of the Satisfaction Survey of Local Mayor’s Policies on Health. Mayor Huang: Chiayi City Is a Healthy City for Everyone to Live in.


August 28, 2020

Public Health Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        According to the survey of healthy cities in 2020 conducted by Kangjian Magazine, Chiayi City is in the 1st place of non-special municipalities and the 4th of the whole nation (the 5th last year), winning New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, and Tainan City. In terms of medical service, Chiayi City tops for 2 years in a row.

        Mayor Min-hui Huang says health is the greatest wealth to a person and the foundation to a country and a family. Our cause is to make everyone in Chiayi City to access to the perfect care service. Chiayi City is small yet has a great goal towards public health for people and the government to achieve. Chiayi City cares the health condition of everyone at different age, especially the middle-aged and the elderly. We provide activities for health improvement, infectious diseases prevention, drug safety and hospice.

        According to Kangjian Magazine, Chiayi City has the most abundant medical resources and the best hospital-to-patient ratio. The nurse number has grown from 22.2 to 44.9 per ten thousand, which is in the 2nd place. The utilization ration of resources for long-term care is at the 4th place, winning the 6 special municipalities.

        Moreover, Huang got the 2nd place for the satisfaction survey of mayor’s policies on health, first conducted this year by Kangjian Magazine. She got 90% of support rate of the citizens on health promotion and the 4th place on regular exercise promotion. Chiayi City has the best performance on medical service for two years in a row.

        Yao-mao Zhang, the General-Director of Public Health Bureau, says Chiayi City works really hard on health promotion. The number of physical examination participants in Chiayi City is up to 20 thousand (one-tenth of the city population) within a year, and the participating rate tops other places. In order to lower the refusals, the City Government also collaborates with beauty salons to encourage people to take examinations for breast cancer and cervical cancer.

        In addition, the City Government also implements a program of hepatitis C removal. The neighborhoods where the test takes place have increased and the reservation service is now available. An online platform for hepatitis C test of Chiayi City citizens has also been established in order to prevent the repeat of test.

        The City Government also collaborate with the Chiayi City Elderly Chinese Opera and has them prepare performances with concepts of health keeping in it. The elderly in the neighborhoods learn how to take care of themselves while appreciating the performances. The City Government also hires professional dietitians to give lessons for the elderly where they drew the dishes in their memories and analyzed the nutrients in those dishes. The elderly received suggestions if there was lack of any essential nutrients. The City Government values the health of the elderly and holds plenty of activities for them to learn.