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Chiayi Art Museum Will Have a Trial Run. Everyone Is Welcome to Step into This Gate of Art

  • PostDate:2020-09-02

August 30, 2020

Art Museum / Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        Located near Chiayi Station, the old municipal historic building for Chiayi branch of Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation has been renovated and transformed into the Art Museum. The museum will be open on October 6 while the opening ceremony will take place on November 7. The trial run will last three days during September 25 to 27 and people will be able to see the first exhibition “Back in Time”, play an AR game “A Teen in City of Painting” and visit the area of art education for children “Shape of Chiayi – New Face of Jhuluo”. Many have shared online the pictures of the open court area which is lit at night.

        With the foundation of the name “City of Painting”, Chiayi Art Museum has been founded to become a place for art and art education. The museum consists of the main building and the historic building. The historic one was the Chiayi branch of Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation founded in 1936 and designated for the Art Museum in 2014. With 6 years of work, Ming-wei Huang, who won the Outstanding Architect, and architect Ming-xian Wang have made the Art Museum a classic yet modern landscape of art on the New Silk Road of Cultures in Chiayi.

        The exhibition “Back in Time” features landscape paintings of different eras which allow people to reflect on the relationship of themselves, the environment, and the city. Hopefully through the exhibition, people are able to appreciate the creators’ perspectives and think about the surroundings and history.

        Players can have a whimsical journey in the virtual gallery in the AR game “A Teen in City of Painting”. In the game, five local artists turn into spiritual creatures wander around the virtual gallery. The area of art education for children “Shape of Chiayi – New Face of Jhuluo” focuses on the work “Jhuluo Customs” by Yushan Lin. Children can learn the materials and colors for painting while playing around in the area.

        Chiayi Art Museum also dedicates to art promotion and education. People have been invited to different activities held by the art museum before it’s open. Moreover, there are workshops, speeches, volunteer training, magazines, and broadcasts for the diverse topics of art.

        It’s free to pay a visit to Chiayi Art Museum. The opening hours are from 9:00 to 17:00 every day except Monday. Make sure to check it out.