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National Hiking for the National Sports Day: Economy Boosted by Sports and A New Record in Lantan Hi

  • PostDate:2020-09-11

September 5, 2020

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Directed by Sports Administration in Ministry of Education, the National Hiking organized by the Sports Federation, Chiayi City Government and Chiayi City Sport took place in Lantan, Chiayi City. Lantan has the most gorgeous hiking trail in Chiayi City, where you can see magnificent scenery. Fuji Temple as the turning point, the 4km hiking route starts and ends at Sanxin Pavilion. Lantan Lake, one of the 8 scenic spots in Chiayi, is also on the hiking route. Those who participate the hiking event can get a souvenir and the chance to win prizes. Mayor Min-hui Huang also attended the event to cheer for the participants.

        Huang says Chiayi City improves the economy by sports and Lantan has set a new record in the history today. The 9th of September is the national sports day. Chiayi City is also a city of sports and the mayor wishes health and happiness to everyone.

        It’s estimated that there were nearly 40 thousand participants of the event. The souvenir for them is bracelet.

        There are plenty of prizes for the event including: 6 scooters, 100 bicycles, and 600 thermos bottles. There were also many stalls offering presents and food for the hiking participants in the venue.

        Li-sheng Lin, the director of Education Department, welcomes everyone to do sports in Chiayi City. The coming Jhu-luo Shan Cup covers badminton, table tennis, volleyball, softball, basketball, ground golf, taekwondo, gateball, and beach wrestling. There are also the International Band Festival and the 23rd Jhu-luo Shan International Junior Baseball Tournament coming in December.

        The hiking event attracted many people and boosted the economic growth. Su-jen Li, the director of Chiayi City Travel Agency Association, said that the rooms in the hotels were almost booked even though it was the first school week after the summer break.