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Lighting Up the Economy, Lighting Up Chiayi City! “Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow” Is Waiti

  • PostDate:2020-09-11

September 6, 2020

Tourism and Information Department


        Many traveled to Chiayi city during the summer break because of its numerous attractions and the Chiayi Shopping Festival. The immersive light art exhibition “Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow” will be on from 6PM to 10PM every evening during October 1 to November 1. The exhibition is the biggest in Taiwan and people will be able to wander around at Beisianhu Park with music.

        Tourism and Information Department says that Chiayi City in October will be much more amazing with art, music and light besides the Wenhua Road Night Market and the Central Fountain. The biggest light art exhibition “Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow” will kick off at Beisianhu Park.

        There are 7 light art installations in Beisianhu Park. “Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow”, symbolizing the spring, is the colorful ribbons and music along the Trail of Musical Note. The most beautiful view in summer is the starry sky, and “Azure Starry Summer” reflects the stars on the trees and the ground by utilizing blue light and creates the sounds of bird chirps. “Moon Reflection” symbolizing the autumn, is a large installation shaped as moon above the lake. Snow is the image of winter, and “Flying Snowflakes” is a kinetic wind installation which makes the night snowflakes fly in the transparent tunnel.

        “Uniqueness” is an installation shaped as a wind instrument which stands for the Chiayi International Festival, and the light changes along with the music at night. “Scattered Dots” is mirror balls hung upon trees in the words, which reflects daylight and glows orange at night. “Colors of Life” is light poles with different height controlled by the computer which will be used for the light show at night.

        According to Tourism and Information Department, the installations are now under testing for people to see a different face of the park and to appreciate the art works. There’s also a special route at night (1 hour walk) arranged for people to follow and to see the story told by light and shadow. Beisianhu Park will the biggest attraction to see at night in Taiwan during October 1 and November 1.