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Chiayi City Is Placed the 2nd in Culture and Education According to the Survey Conducted

  • PostDate:2020-09-14

Chiayi City Is Placed the 2nd in Culture and Education According to the Survey Conducted by CommonWealth Magazine in 2020 on “the Satisfaction Rates of Mayors” and “Happy Cities”


September 8, 2020

Tourism and Information Department


        The results of the surveys on “the satisfaction rates of mayors” and “happy cities” conducted by CommonWealth Magazine were released today. Chiayi City mayor Min-hui Huang scores 80% at her personal satisfaction rate. Huang appreciates the support of the citizens and the effort her executive team has made. She will keep the good part of her work and improve what needs to be better.

        In the survey of “happy cities”, Chiayi City scores the 9th place in the competitiveness of non-special municipalities. Chiayi City is also placed the 3rd in the index of culture and education as last year, and is placed the 2nd with the 6 special municipalities. The index of environment is at the 9th place this year, which is a big improvement from the 16th place last year. From more detailed evaluation points, it’s easy to spot the scores of “the rate of students returning to school after dropping out” and “the expense proportion on education” are outstanding. Chiayi City is even placed the 1st in terms of the popularity with advanced education in non-special municipalities. Up to 70% of the citizens recognize the mayor’s concern on young people’s education.

        Responding to the good performance on culture and education, Huang emphasizes Chiayi City values education and focuses on the goal “culture supported by tech with innovation and international view” for the elementary and middle school education. To enhance the quality of education, the student number in a class for elementary and middle schools is lowered annually since 2019 and new air-conditioners are now installed. Chiayi City has been working on national sport events and organizing “Science 168”. The event for the annular eclipse also took place in Chiayi City this year.

        CommonWealth Magazine has been conducting the survey on different regions since 2003. It consists of two major parts: “the satisfaction rates of mayors” and “happy cities”. The former is evaluated through polls by phone call and experts’ opinions. The latter is evaluated in 5 areas: economy, environment, policy execution, culture and education, and social welfare.