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“Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow”

  • PostDate:2020-09-21

“Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow”, the Biggest Night Light Show in Taiwan, Kicks Off during Moon Festival Season


September 17, 2020

Tourism and Information Department


        Here comes a sensuous show! The press conference for “Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow” held by Chiayi City Government in the city hall today opened with the performance by Wen Shyang Dance Company. During the conference, Mayor Min-hui Huang and guests announced the beginning of the immersive light show which takes place in Beisianhu Park from 6PM to 10PM every day during October 1 to November 1.

        “Chiayi City is now much different,” says Huang. The light show will be held in Beisian Lotus, one of the 8 sceneries of old Tsulo, which is now known as Beisianhu Park during October 1 to November 1. The park was also a place where people flooded in to observe the annular eclipse this year. People will be able to feel and witness a fantastic show with nature as the canvas and light as the paints. The installations are the show are amazing and even so at night. People can take the chance to take a trip to Chiayi City because of the two national holidays in October. Moreover, there are a budget of 15 million for the subsidy to people traveling in October and an activity of $100 rebate for every $1,000 purchase (applied to those who own household registration in Chiayi City). Chiayi City doesn’t only dedicate to tourism but to culture and the quality of local trips.

        Wan-fen Zhang, the director of Tourism and Information Department, indicates that “Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow” is the biggest outdoor light show in Taiwan. There are 7 art installations arranged for the event. “Moon Reflection”, one of the installations, reveals itself with different faces depending on the angles people view it around the lake. There are also some secrets hidden in the back of the moon, which are silhouettes of the moon rabbit and Chang-e, corresponding to the Moon Festival. With the festival during the event, she believes many will pay a visit to Chiayi City as on June 21 for the annular eclipse. Thanks to the traveling program made by Tourism Bureau of MOTC, the City Government has also released the travel subsidy plan with the budget of 15 million dollars. Those who travel to Chiayi City will be able to have discounts on some expenses during the trip in October.

        Xin-mo Tsai, the event director, claims that the feature of the show is to allow the audience to have exquisite feelings with sight, hearing (the music) and smelling (the scents of the plants) in Beisianhu Park.

        There are 3 entrances and the route for the show is also well arranged. The crowd motion will be clockwise. The City Government will also organize free shuttle buses and the timetable will be announced on Travel in Chiayi ( and “Zoom in Chiayi” the Facebook page ( Passengers with e-payment cards (ex. easy card and iPASS) can take the bus for free until December 31 this year. The timetable is available on the website of the Transportation Department ( HSR passengers who take off in the Chiayi HSR station can take the taxi or the BRT to Chiayi Station and then transfer by bus.