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Exotic Central Plaza with Foods and Games Migrant Workers’ Homesick Cured

  • PostDate:2020-09-24

September 20, 2020

Social Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        A special event took place at the Central Plaza today. There were many performances, foods and activities prepared by migrant workers from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. The pomelo peeling contest and Taiwanese scenic postcard activity were also held for the workers in Chiayi to socialize and to experience the atmosphere of the Moon Festival, which is something different from their cultures.

        The mid-autumn event was hosted by Chiayi City Government for the migrant workers to experience the festive atmosphere of Chinese culture. The deputy mayor Shu-hui Chen attended the event in behalf of the mayor Min-hui Huang. She thanked the workers in English for making the decision to work in Chiayi City and wished them happiness. She welcomed the workers to hospitable and lively Chiayi City to help with human resources and caregivers the city needs. Chen says there are now 3,822 workers in Chiayi City and she appreciates all of their hard works. She also states the Moon Festival is one of the three big days of Chinese culture. The full moon symbolizes the light on the way and the reunion of families, so she hopes the workers can have a good time during the event.

        Even though the sun was scorching today, the even still attracted many migrant workers to join. Chen had fun in different stalls with the migrant workers and the crewmates of the City Government after hosting the rewarded trivia quiz. Not only did she taste tea eggs and corn chips with salsa sauce, but also experience the amazing massage. Even people from Spain were in the event. The stalls covered: traditional Vietnamese Moon Festival lanterns, decoupage coaster DIY from Europe, Thai ribbon DIY, and many other items provided by the City Government. Migrant workers had fun experiencing different cultures, and they also felt better from homesick because they met people from their own countries. The most exciting part today was the pomelo peeling contest, and the winners gained 500-dollar vouchers.

        Social Affairs Department indicates that the City Government has been dedicating to the welfares and counseling of migrant workers. Agents are sent to pay regular visits and the hotline (1955) is set for people from other countries who work in Chiayi. The City Government also organizes different activities for them, such as events for socializing, Chinese lessons, career workshops, baking events, and carnivals. They don’t have to worry about work with the multiple accesses to service dedicated to them.