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Chiayi City is My Concern The New Face of Chiayi City during the Chiayi Youth Festival

  • PostDate:2020-09-30

September 27, 2020

Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The awarding ceremony of the action taking contest for the 1st Chiayi Youth Festival took place at the City Hall at 2PM this afternoon, and the 10-day exhibition “Fearless Youth, Sprouting Action” kicked off in the meanwhile. The 1st Chiayi Youth Festival covers serial events for 6 months and the opening ceremony at the Central Plaza on July 11 and 12 drew the attention of young people by having the renowned lecturers and bands attend. The 2-month action taking contest was held afterwards and participants demonstrated the effort they made when the contest was over. The 180 days of the festival show the lively vibe of Chiayi City.

        “What is worth changing is something,” says Min-hui Huang, the Chiayi City mayor. As long as one is willing to do something to change what’s worth changing, the effort will pay off and the world will become better.

        Huang indicates that the serial events for the Chiayi Youth Festival took a while to prepare and organize. The most representative 9 groups out of 58 must have made practical moves based on creative ideas and had the determination to change something. She believes everyone who has made it to the awarding ceremony today is proud of themselves, and she appreciates the time of the counselors and the judges.

        According to Intelligence Technologies Department, the contest is the first bridge in the southwest area between counselors and young people who want to achieve something. What the City Government has to do is to support those young people and to provide resources instantly. As a result, the contest was built on the communication between young people, counselors and the City Government. It creates the chance for everyone to learn from each other and to transform ideas into action.

        In the contest, 9 out of 58 groups of participants were selected by interview. Counselors then helped and discussed with the qualified groups in 2 months to find a better way to execute their ideas. After the presentations and the evaluation, the champion went to Chiayi Parents and Children Association. They want to help newbie parents face challenges, access to a platform for aid, and be optimistic to their children, so they made picture books to accompany those parents. The second place went to the Earthworm Studio. The two 3rd places went to Color Chiayi City and Chiayi – An Artist Family. The judges also awarded a special prize to the youngest participants, Jia-yu Lin and Ting-yu Xu, who showed concern on stray cats.


The 1st Chiayi Youth Festival – “Fearless Youth, Sprouting Action”

The new face of Chiayi City during the Chiayi Youth Festival

 Duration: September 27 to October 8, 2020

 Location: The 1st floor of the Chiayi City Hall

 Website: