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Chiayi City Ranked in the 3rd Place among Non-special Municipalities, according to the Cities and Co

  • PostDate:2020-09-30

September 28, 2020

Tourism and Information Department


        According to the Cities and Counties Survey 2020 conducted by Global Views Monthly, Chiayi City is ranked in the 3rd place among non-special municipalities. Mayor Min-hui Huang appreciates the effort the citizens have made and promises the City Government will keep improving.

        In terms of health care, Chiayi City is ranked in the 2nd place nationwide and in the 1st among non-special municipalities. Chiayi City has most significant medical resources in Yun-Chia-Nan area. The City Government has also been working on building up a healthy and age-friendly city in response to the aging society. The policies for general physical examination and the Hepatitis C removal program have also been made. The City Government even arranged precautionary measures for the COVID – 19 Pandemic in advance before they were required, and founded the command center on the Chinese New Year’s Eve (January 24).

      Moreover, Chiayi City is ranked in the 4th place on both “public safety and firefighting” and “life quality and modernization”. This shows the outstanding performance on emergency rescue and firefighting. As for “life quality and modernization”, Chiayi City has been expanding green areas and has initiated low-floor electric buses this year.

        Huang emphasizes the extraordinary motivation of Chiayi City citizens to make it an amazing city for everyone despite how small the city is.

        The Cities and Counties Survey conducted by Global Views Monthly covers 9 areas for the evaluation: “economy & career”, “education & culture”, “environmental protection & quality”, “law and order”, “public safety & firefighting”, “health care”, “life quality & modernization”, “local finance” and “social welfare”.