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Top 10 of the Three Minutes Video Competition Will Be Announced. There Were 1,201 Entries Competing

  • PostDate:2020-10-08

October 6, 2020

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi International Art Doc Film Festival (CIADFF) has been widely acclaimed since the first one held in 2014. The Three Minutes Video Competition, which is first held this year, will announce on October 16 the result of the top 10 entries selected in the final round of the competition. The competition drew filmmakers’ attention for there wasn’t a common theme concerned; as a result, there were totally 1,201 entries (212 domestic and 989 foreign) of artistic, original and experimental works. The international judges will announce the top 10 out of the 20 entries qualified for the final round next Friday, and the one who wins the Golden Award will receive NTD300,000.

        The Taipei press for the Three Minutes Video Competition was held in Taipei Artist Village today. Chiayi City mayor Min-hui Huang claims that Chiayi City has been cultivating its art by organizing CIADFF for years and holding the 1st Three Minutes Video Competition this year. “Chiayi City is rather small yet energetic,” says Huang. She appreciates the dedication of the director Ming-chuan Huang, whose profession promotes Chiayi City. She further indicates that there were 1,201 entries from different countries and it requires marvelous capabilities to convey something precisely in 3 minutes. Thanks to director Huang, there are five judges from other countries invited for this event.

        Ming-chuan Huang says CIADFF for the past 7 years has been proven outstanding for the films are viewed from the perspectives of art and cultures. Everything is all connected even though some of the films concern tragic global issues. Although the Three Minutes Video Competition was at first limited to those who are under 30 to attract more young people, everyone now may enter despite the age. He has also noticed that besides Taiwan most of the entries are from the US, Russia, and Iran.

        In order to get more people to participate, Chiayi Art Museum uploaded the selected 20 entries on May 25 to YouTube for people to watch and like during May 26 to June 26 so as to choose the Best Popularity Award. The Golden Award, Silver Award, Best Creative Award, Best Editing Award and other awards will be announced in the awarding ceremony on October 16. Chiayi Art Museum on October17 and Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art on October 18 will be showing the videos for free. For more information, please go to the official website ( or Facebook page (

        Anyone around the world may enter the Three Minutes Video Competition. All themes are welcomed and the only limit is that the videos should be at least 3 minutes but not exceed 4 minutes in length. The one who wins the Golden Award will receive USD10,000 (NTD300,000). The prizes in total are worth NTD1,500,000.