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Chiayi Girls’ Day (Girl Power +1) Kicks Off and Mayor Min-hui Huang Encourages Girls

  • PostDate:2020-10-12

Chiayi Girls’ Day (Girl Power +1) Kicks Off and Mayor Min-hui Huang Encourages Girls to Pursue Their Dreams

October 8, 2020

Social Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department

        In response to International Day of the Girl Child declared by the UN on October 11 in 2011, our nation also designated the day as Taiwan’s Girls’ Day in 2013. Girl students can thus walk out from the school, make changes in terms of public participation, and fight for their own rights. Chiayi City mayor Min-hui Huang and other guests attended the speech of Li-Chun Lai, a film director, and Pei-ying Yu, a student of automobile department of Dong Wu Vocational High School. The speech took place in Chiayi Lumber Factory, where they shared their thoughts on the film-making training camp they participated in last year. Jia-Ru Peng, a film director, introduced the movie Eagle Hand, which inspires girls to be brave to pursue their dreams.

        Huang states that Taiwan’s Girls’ Day on October 11 reminds people to show concern on girls and gender equality. The City Government has organized serial activities on theme of female rights to encourage girls to pursue their dreams. On October 11, Directors Li-Chun Lai and Jia-Ru Peng will instruct girls who are interested in film and video making.

        Huang mentioned that Pei-ying Yu talked about her dream during the film-making training camp. The vocational training courses middle school got her interested in automobile repair, so she transferred to the automobile department from the department of early childhood development and education. Despite being different from the stereotype for a girl and her decision being unsupported by her family, she still toughed up and proved that she could pursue her dream. “I’d rather take challenges and the responsibility,” she said.

        Pei-ying Yu and her group members won the best background music award by their work Subversion in the film-making training camp last year. Yu says that the school didn’t support students to participate in the activity but she wanted to demonstrate her determination to do well in the activity. She gave up on her interest of car repair because her grandma opposed it. However, she learned to express herself and stick to what she likes after participating in the activity.

        According to Social Affairs Department, the City Government has organized serial activities for girls in Chiayi City to emphasize the influence of girls in the society. There are “Film-making Training Camp for Chiayi City Girls”, “Chiayi City Female Film Festival” and the premiere of Eagle Hand. Directors Li-Chun Lai and Jia-Ru Peng are invited as lecturers for the film-making training camp on October 11. They show the core value of the girls’ day through movies and documentaries.

        The premiere for Chiayi City Female Film Festival will be held in Showtime Cinemas on October 12. The premiere will show No Flowers or Seasons and The way of Sqoyaw. The two directors and Pei-jia Luo, the organizer, will also attend the festival. The audience will appreciate the films from multiple perspectives of genders. The issues of gender equality, ethnic identification, and female ideology in the society will be brought to the audience through the movies and the forums.

        Held by the City Government and Zonta International, the premiere of Eagle Hand, directed by Li-Chun Lai and Jia-Ru Peng, will take place at the 9F Hall of the City Government at 2PM on October 17. Graduating from Chiayi Girls’ High School, Lai filmed Eagle Hand with Peng in Niudoushan in Minxiong Township. The documentary concerns the lotus industry in decline and the rough life of farmers. A short film will be played during the speech today.

        Hopefully, the serial activities for the Girls’ Day will get girls to value their relationship with the society and everyone to show concern on the rights and development of girls. Therefore, children will grow up in an equal environment.