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Rock Music Festival on Double Ten Day! ZenKwun and Accusefive Will Rock Chiayi City

  • PostDate:2020-10-15

October 9, 2020

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department

Rock Music Festival on Double Ten Day! ZenKwun and Accusefive Will Rock Chiayi City, and Mayor Min-hui Huang Also Had Fun with the Fans

        Chiayi Rock Music Festival 2020 has kicked off today. To promote the local industries and the tourism, Chiayi City Government entrusted Jing-Yang Ho, the leader of Sodagreen, and Laonuo (Xin-hong Chen), the founder of Emerge Music, to organize the music festival. The festival takes place at G9 Creative Park from 12PM to 10PM today and tomorrow. More than 30 bands give satisfying performances on the three stages. Mayor Min-hui Huang attended the festival and listened to the live performance by Mixer with the audience. She also took pictures with the fans and the shops in the festival.

        It’s so touching that the first rock music festival held by the City Government was so packed, said Huang. So far, the event organized by Jing-Yang Ho and Laonuo is quite a success. The music festival covers three stages for music performances: the “tree” for new bands, “woods” for bands which have gained some reputation, and “forest” for popular bigger bands. Most importantly, the festival is free for everyone to go. The festival aims for young people and the promotion of Chiayi City, but everyone else is also welcome.

        Today, the indie band Independent Race, which has been working with Emerge Music, opened the music festival. Then, there were the rock band My Cat Eats My Hand, a Chiayi local band Music Executer, and ZenKwun that combines rock with Chinese traditional instruments dizi and suona. Last, Accusefive, which was nominated for Best New Vocal, Best Musical Group, Best Music Video and Best Album Design in the 31st Golden Melody Awards, ended the 7-hour event today.

        The first band tomorrow is a band from Chiayi, HJBand, which lives with optimism and records their perspectives and feelings to the society into their songs. The next band is Iruka Police which was also nominated for the Golden Melody Awards. They’ve had some stans among the indie music in Taiwan because of their sincere vocal and catchy songs. There will also be Sorry Youth, VAST & HAZY, 1976, and Arrow Wei. The band that ends the festival tomorrow is CosmosPeople, which just threw a concert in Taipei Arena. They were nominated for the Golden Indie Music Awards for several times and the Best Musical Group of the Golden Melody Awards. Their music covers different genres such as pop, funk, disco, jazz and rock.

        More than 12 groups on each day, there are in total 30 groups performing for the music festival. Besides the music, there’s also a fair selling food from 12PM to 10PM. Those who love rock music can’t miss this chance during the small National Day vacation to come to Chiayi and enjoy the music.


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