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Building Up the Ability of Mastering Scratch and Arduino for Children Maker in Chiayi

  • PostDate:2020-10-28

October 26

Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Who says that programming is only for adults? Intelligence Technologies Department Guo-yuan Su, a teacher of Yi-Zhu Elementary School, to give a lecture on the visual programming language Scratch at G9 Creative Park yesterday afternoon. More than 30 parents and children attended the lecture and learned how to make robots, toy cars and pinballs. Mr. Su also combined the open-source hardware Arduino in the lecture, which allowed the children’s imagination to extend from the virtual to the real world. All the children enjoyed the lecture and playing different robots.

        Su says everyone loves learning while having fun. If the lecture is designed to be interesting, it would be like learning in an amusement park. Ideas and creativities are far more important than the language itself. What should be concerned is to control the robots with your own hands rather than perfect the programming. An idea turning to a result is the journey of learning. Su emphasize on how to make the children makers, and he always listens to children’s ideas.

        Learning a programming language and understand the rules are difficult for beginners, Su says. Scratch, however, is a visualized programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab. It originally aims to let children learn programming more easily while having fun.

        Intelligence Technologies Department claims that the lecture this time concerns the changes of programming and maker education in response to the new curriculum. In the lecture, the lecturer introduced programming with robots and toy cars which interest children. The visualized software also enables children to build up their ability of programming and gets them to fall in love with technology.