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The Final Goal Will Soon Be Achieved YouBike 2.0 in Chiayi City Will Meet the Need of the Citizens a

  • PostDate:2020-11-09

November 2, 2020

Transportation Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi City is a happy and smiley city and the arrival of YouBike, the public bicycle sharing service, in Chiayi City is around the corner. Chiayi City Government has announced to work with YouBike. Min-hui Huang the mayor and You-ren Ho, the general manager of YouBike Co., Ltd., signed the 7-year contract with the budget up to 65 million Taiwanese dollars at the first floor of the city hall. The installation of the new system YouBike 2.0 has officially started. It’s estimated that the system will offer 750 bikes and 50 stations for the city, and the new system will be faster and flexible for the renters than the old system.

        Huang states that the City Government and the City Council work together on YouBike 2.0, which is a service to meet the need and to achieve the goal of sustainable development. “The contract signed today symbolizes a step further for public bicycle sharing service and public transportation, and the sharing service is the final goal and the most essential part for the public transportation,” she says. Chiayi City is the only place in the Yun-Chia-Nan area offers the service of YouBike 2.0 and the only two in south Taiwan along with Kaohsiung City. People will be able to go biking leisurely in Chiayi City. The convenient service provides the citizens, students and tourists with one more option for traveling. Besides the electric low-floor bus, YouBike 2.0 will also be a good way to travel during a trip in Chiayi City.

        Ho points out that many places in Taiwan already offers the YouBike sharing service and that the bikes are made by Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Chiayi City will utilize the YouBike 2.0 system. The stations for the old system (1.0) are limited due to the requirement of electricity, information technology (IT) and areas that are large enough for the station docks; however, the devices for electricity and IT for the new system are installed in the bikes. Solar chargers and lithium batteries are installed in the bikes for the new system. It also takes shorter time to build stations for the new system because the amount of wires needed for the construction is lessened. For the new system, the distance between two stations is shortened and people can adjust the bike saddles with single hands. YouBike will add the instructions of free registration into the stations at Chiayi Station, Chiayi City Visitor Information Center, and the two district offices.

        Jun-jian Cheng, the director of Transportation Department, states that Chiayi City Government offers the expenses on the build of YouBike 2.0 and the company is in charge of running and the maintenance. People can pay the rent with the YouBike 2.0 app (bound with credit cards), iPASS, or EasyCard. Each individual can register with 5 contactless smartcards at most. The City Government and YouBike will start location scouting and building stations since the contract has been signed. It’s estimated that some stations will start running in mid-December. The stations are arranged to form a diverse network that covers residential areas, nodes, schools, marts, tourist and attractions.

        According to Transportation Department, the rental will apply the standard of other places and charge people NT$10 per 30 minutes in the first 4 hours, NT$20 per 30 minutes during the 4th hour and the 8th hour, and NT$40 per 30 minutes for the extra hours. Thanks to the subsidy from the Environmental Protection Administration, people won’t have to pay for the first thirty minutes of the rent during the first three months. Hopefully, more subsidy can be strived for to have a NT$5 discount for the first thirty minutes.

        The Chiayi City round bikeway, which connects the old bikeways, is 25 kilometers long. It’s estimated that the construction will be finished by the end of November. It will be easy for people to go around the city and get closer to the local with the public bike renting system to be built.