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The Legacy of the City of Painting Art Begins from Chiayi City Opening Ceremony of Chiayi Art Museum

  • PostDate:2020-11-11

November 7, 2020

Chiayi Art Museum / Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi Art Museum used to be the Chiayi Branch of Taiwan Cigarette & Wine Monopoly Bureau inaugurated in the 30s. After 6 years since the historic building was selected to be Chiayi Art Museum, the opening ceremony was eventually held at its yard at 4 this afternoon. Many important guests attended the ceremony, including Chiayi City mayor Min-hui Huang, the Deputy Minister of Culture Tsung-huang Hsiao, former Deputy Director of National Palace Museum Bo-ting Lin, and the president of Chen Cheng-po Cultural Foundation Li-bo Chen.

        “Art begins from Chiayi City,” said Huang, feeling emotional. Chiayi City is also known as the city of painting, and many renowned artists such as Cheng-po Chen and Yushan Lin were also from Chiayi. Thanks to the City Council, revered people and artists, the preparation for the museum from 2012 to 2020 was a worthwhile long journey.

        Huang mentioned that many artists from Chiayi donated their works to the museum during the preparation. The museum spent time organizing the exhibition “For the Time Being” during 2013 to 2017, and there were 102 pieces of art works collected in total. This year, the museum received 13 pieces of works from the artist Tong-jong Kuo, 44 pieces of Cheng-po Chen’s paintings from Li-bo Chen, the president of Chen Cheng-po Cultural Foundation, and 15 pieces of works created during the Japan’s Rule. Last night, Ming-zong Ho, the chairman of Sieh Chih Vocational High School’s board, also claimed to donate 30 pieces of his collections of paintings by experienced Taiwanese artists.

        Huang has made an announcement that Eslite Bookstore will soon be open in Chiayi Art Museum. Tsung-huang Hsiao, Bo-ting Lin, Li-bo Chen and other guests participated the lighting ceremony which symbolizes the art in Chiayi being passed down forever.

        Chiayi Art Museum consists of the historic building, the main building and the side wing. The historic building was the Chiayi branch of the Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau in 1936. After being designated for the museum in 2014 and undergone the renovation for 6 years, Chiayi Art Museum has turned into a place of history and modernity because of the design by Ming-Wei Huang and Ming-Hsien Wang who have won the R.O.C. Outstanding Architect. The museum has drawn many people visiting during the soft opening.

        On the topic of landscapes, the first exhibition “Re-visiting Landscape” shows landscapes of different generations and covers 4 different sub-topics of different timelines. “The Nature Being Shown” includes paintings of nature and modernized cities by old renowned artists and modern artists as well as installation art works. “Inner Landscape” includes works by post-war artists that show their inner thoughts which respond their surroundings in a philosophical way. “The Scene through Media” covers works that show scenes artists see and then recreate through different media. The works of “Radical Landscape” concern on life of humans and the interference of politics and they show how artists look for answers and understand the relationship between them and the environment.


The duration of “Re-visiting Landscape”: Oct.6, 2020 to Jan.10, 2021

Open hours of Chiayi Art Museum: 9:00 to 17:00 from Tue. to Sun.