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To Chill in Chiayi Is to Do What People Usually Do in Chiayi

  • PostDate:2020-11-19

November 18, 2020

Planning Section / East District Health Center / West District Health Center


        In order to organize the healthcare resources and improve the relationship between residents in a neighborhood, the Public Health Bureau of Chiayi City Government along with the two centers and Taipei Medical University to hold events for seniors, kids and volunteers in both of the East District and the West District by making use of the local and healthcare resources. The events allowed the participants to feel relaxed, made them more social, and got them to learn more about the healthcare resources of Chiayi City.

        The event in the West District was hosted by the crew of Ying Cheng, a professor of Taipei Medical University, and the physiotherapists of the Senior Park. They instructed the seniors to utilize the facilities, paint plant pots, make mask decorations, do exercise, and to learn about the resources in the West District Health Center. Guided by Ming-qiu Wu, an experienced museum guide, and trained students, the seniors then paid a visit to the Southern Branch of National Palace Museum.

        In the meanwhile, the East District collaborated with the Historic Archives Building of Chiayi City, Chiayi City Nutrition Center, St. Peter’s Kindergarten, and neighborhood volunteers. Each participant got a “fake” plane ticket and went to the Historic Archives Building in yukata like a trip to Tokyo. Xiu-wen Chen, a dietitian, designed challenges for the children and the seniors to learn about balance of the diet.

        The commissioner Yao-mao Zhang and the deputy commissioner Yu-wei Liao both claims that the aging society results in multiple health issues. The Chiayi City Public Health Bureau and the two district centers not only organize events to promote the healthcare services, but also build a local database of healthcare resources for the elderly. The database covers exercise, diet for elders, dementia prevention, care for chronic condition, healthcare, long-term care and therapy. They aim to run an age-friendly city consistently.