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The Debut of Fish Migrate Performed by People of Different Cultural Backgrounds in Chiayi City

  • PostDate:2020-11-26

November 22, 2020

Social Affairs Department


        The debut of the play Fish Migrate performed by people of different cultural backgrounds in Chiayi City was a huge success.

        The play Fish Migrate was made because of the “Program of Multicultural Promotion for New Immigrant and Their Children 2020”. Chiayi City Government entrusted Our Theater to execute the program by creating the play with professional teams where the citizens, the new immigrants and their children played the roles in the story. The play hit the stage in Sinkagiat (Building K of G9 Creative Park) at 2:30 on November 22. The 80 tickets were sold out within a day.

        According to Social Affairs Department, there were 5,137 new immigrants in Chiayi City by the end of September, which account for 1.93% of the population. The new immigrants and their children play important roles of Chiayi City and symbolize the diversity of Taiwanese local cultures. The actors of the play, at age 11 to 61, consisted of immigrants from South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam and China, and even local residents. At first, the members shared their life experiences and cultures during the lessons for play and acting they attended. The lessons covered project planning, imagination training, body language, and group improvisation. At last, the director worked with Matahari Ensemble (music), Chih-Yang Huang (costume), Yi-jun Lai (stage), and Zi-fu Zhu (light) and created a 40-minute play based on the stories they shared.

Choong Seong Wei, the director of the play, reveals that he feels relatable to life far from home as a Malaysian spending nearly 20 years in Taiwan. The title of the play is inspired by the anadromous fish migrate of salmons, which reminds us that we shouldn’t leave our roots behind even though people here have different backgrounds. Hopefully, the audience would know and understand more different and unique cultures.

        Chiayi City Government has been working on providing better services for cross-cultural families to build a friendly city of diversity. The new immigrant committee was founded last year for the rights of new immigrants. With the expansion of the Public Welfare Lottery’s subsidy this year, the entrusted Our Theater practiced the “Program of Multicultural Promotion for New Immigrant and Their Children 2020” to promote different cultures. We should respect people of different cultural backgrounds and make Chiayi a better place for the new immigrants.


#Host: Chiayi City Government

#Organizer: Our Theater
#Co-organizer: Family Service Center for New Immigrants of Chiayi City