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The Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles Has Been Noticed through Its Foreign Collaborations People

  • PostDate:2020-11-27

The Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles Has Been Noticed through Its Foreign Collaborations
People Should Come to Chiayi and Feel the Beauty of Tiles

November 26, 2020       

Tourism and Information Department

        The Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles has become a must-visit spot in Chiayi City in the recent years. The museum has also finished many foreign projects during October and November, which enables the beauty of tiles to be noticed in the world. The mayor Ming-hui Huang appreciates the effort the museum has made and hopes to keep working on the cultural tourism together in the future.

        Huang claims the Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles is the one and only tile museum in Taiwan. The museum displays both its collections and its creations. The tiles caught the attention of the Japanese during the tourism promotion in Japan last year. Due to the effort museum makes, the tiles are thus noticed through the special platform the government built. Chia-bin Hsu, the museum curator, sees the beauty of tiles and runs the museum quite well. There are sometimes quite a few visitors in line for the museum, which is connected with other spots of the “New Silk Road of Cultures”. The Taiwan Design Expo next year would be a good opportunity to let people notice the museum.

        Hsu underlines that everything starts with education. The museum is currently working with the textbook publishers Kang Hsuan and Nan-I, and many schools have come to the museum to learn how to make tiles. Thanks to Mayor Huang and Tourism and Information Department, the number of visitors to Chiayi City has increased. Furthermore, the fact that foreign visitors before the pandemic account for 20% of the number also shows the internationalization of tourism. It’s a proud thing that people are willing to get in line for the museum in Chiayi City. The Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles already has some achievements and there are people around Taiwan recording the culture of tiles and creating numerous job opportunities. The museum has also applied for the old house renovation program to Cultural Affairs Bureau.

        The Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles has 4 international collaborations recently. Spa World in Osaka, Japan asked the professional team of the museum to design 5,500 tiles for a special room, and built up a TV wall introducing how the museum preserves and promotes the tile culture. NHK broadcasted a TV program on the museum and the tiles importing to Japan on October 22. It gained a large number of responses and a Japanese publisher might publish a book about the museum in Japan.

        During the WHA from November 9 to 14, the museum collaborated with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and put a sign with tile patterns that read “Taiwan Can Help” at the front square of the Palace of Nations in Geneva to fight for the permission to attend WHA.

        Sulwhasoo, a skincare brand in South Korea, released a limited edition for the tiles of Taiwan. The incomes from the products will be donated to the museum for the artworks of tiles and their preservation. Besides the collaboration with foreign countries, the museum has authorized Nan-i Book Enterprise to print 70 thousand books about the tiles as teaching materials for schools. Hopefully, more people would visit to Chiayi for the beauty of tiles through the collaborations and promotions.