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City of Baseball and Spirit of KANO: The Training Home of Fubon Guardians Sits in Chiayi City

  • PostDate:2020-12-09

December 3, 2020

Education Department / Chiayi City Municipal Stadium / Tourism and Information Department


        Today, Chiayi City Government and Fubon Guardians in the Chinese Professional Baseball League have signed the MOU for the baseball training home of Fubon Guardians – Chiayi City Municipal Stadium. The representatives from both sides exchanged souvenirs as well. Ming-hui Hua, the Chiayi City mayor, received and put on the Fubon Guardians uniform with her name and number 168 on it. Chris Tsai, the chairman of Fubon Sports & Entertainment and the leader of the baseball team, received a wooden figure of the logo of Fubon Guardians.

        In the press today, Huang also awarded 500 thousand dollars to the baseball team of Min-sheng Junior High School that has just won the 2020 National Rubber Baseball Series. Kuo-Hui Kao, the fielder of Fubon Guardians, presented a gift on behalf of his team to the champion, Min-sheng baseball team. Min-sheng Junior High School gave the City Government and Fubon Guardians signatures as presents. In addition, the opening ceremony of the 23rd Jhu-luo Shan International Junior Baseball Tournament is going to take place at the renovated stadium of 100-year history.

Huang points out that Chiayi City is a city of baseball and the home to KANO. It shows the spirit of never giving up. Diligence and optimism are the qualities which can be found on Chiayi people. The renovation of the Municipal Stadium, home to KANO, will be done by the end of this year and it, and it was a rather touching moment that Fubon Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd chose the stadium as their baseball training home. Fubon Sports & Entertainment is the only enterprise in Taiwan that owns both a professional baseball team and a professional basketball team (Taipei Fubon Braves). Kuo-Hui Kao also attended the event today in person, and his spirit is something children can learn. It’s the 4th time this year Min-sheng Junior High School won the championship, and the KANO spirit will thus keep going on and on with Fubon Guardians in Chiayi City.

Tsai, the general manager Zhao-ru Chen (associate leader) and the head coach I-Chung Hong came to Chiayi City a few days ago for the site survey, and they also visited the baseball team of Min-sheng Junior High School to cheer them up. Tsai points out that the weather in Chiayi is wonderful and it’s perfect for baseball training in fall and spring. The spring session might be open for fans to watch, and they’re planning to hold a game for the minor baseball league. Warm-up matches of the major baseball league can also be arranged to take place in Chiayi City. The newly-renovated stadium is suitable as a training site and a venue for baseball games. Tsai appreciates the City Government for offering resources to make the development of baseball better and better.

        Chiayi City as a happy city tops other cities in Taiwan. Hong reveals that he used to envy Japan’s baseball teams for they had a good place for training. Now that the team’s moving to the stadium in a happy city as their training home, he believes the whole team would also be happy. Hong hopes the City Government will keep supporting the baseball team and helping with the enhancement of the facilities in the stadium.

        According to the City Government, the expense on the renovation of Chiayi City Municipal Stadium is 121.5 million dollars, including 85 million from Sports Administration, Ministry of Education. The renovation covers drainage improvement, turf, audience seats, LED scoreboard, indoor batting cage, bull pen, foul poles, broadcasting system, and VIP rooms as well as gyms and aquatic therapy pools which are essential for baseball players. The renovation began in April and it’s planned to be done by the end of this year.

        The press today started with the dance performance by the Min-sheng Junior High School baseball team. They won 6 different individual prizes for the National Rubber Baseball Series this year. With the glory, Min-sheng baseball team marched around Chiayi City to visit the 5 elementary schools that have baseball teams: Chui-yang, Shih-hsian, Bo-ai, Min-tzu, and Sing-chia. They also went to the Chenghuang Temple in order to show gratitude for the sponsorship..